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Strain Review by Farfadet: Amnesia Stone

Strain: Amnesia Stone Grower Name: Farfadet Breeder: Stone Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Medium: u gro  brand coco Nutrients: B.C a+b ,AN big bud,Overdrive,Voodoo Juice,Scorpion Juice,Piranah,green planet pro-cal,sm-90 Lights type and schedule (indoor): start under a 400 hps first month ,250hps + 4xt5 4 foot 24/24 Days from Seed: 106 days? Harvest Points: HUh! I cut it all […]

Fairy Frost Day 73

Wow its day 73 and these girls are about Done.  :Happy:   Strain : Fairy Frost Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Medium (hydro/soil/coco): Soil ( Fox Farms Ocean Forest w/30 % Perlite) Pot (size/type): 3 gallon Smart Pot’s Kind of training (if any): At this point I won’t be training them, as I don’t believe they will need […]

Ruby, Fairy Frost and Rainbow Moonstone Days 1-7

Hey again everybody! Started some new Portal gear not long ago, and we’ve reached the end of week 1 already!! An old favorite; Fairy Frost, another tester Rainbow Moonstone, and a strain I haven’t tried yet; Ruby! Strains: Ruby, Fairy Frost and Rainbow Moonstone Medium (hydro/soil/coco): Biobizz lightmix Pot (size/type): 5.7L square pots (1.5 US […]

Strain review by DMrides220: Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: DMrides220 Medium: Biobizz light mix Nutrients: Biocanna Lights type and schedule (indoor): Cobs 19/5 Days from Seed: 70 Harvest Points: All cloudy trichs Dry Yield (grams): 18 grams from a half gallon pot Growth Comments: An absolute pleasure to watch these grow. Nice tall, open structure with very frosty dense […]

Rainbow Moonstone days 40-50

Strain: Rainbow Moonstone Medium: 70% Coco + 30% perlite Pot (size/type): 6 litter airpot Kind of training (if any): None, at day 33 big fan leaves were removed and the underneath small branches trimmed. Age of the plant: 40-53 days (dropped on 9 September, showed her head on 12 September) Height of the plant: 65 cm Temperature: 20-24C Relative humidity: 60-90% RH […]

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