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Strain review by FranktheTank: Grande Mocha

Strain: Grande Mocha/ SM#2 Grower Name: Frank the Tank Breeder: [Breeder] Indoor/OutdoorIndoor Medium: Promix HP (5 gallon) Nutrients: Greenleaf Nutrients Megacrop, Sweet Candy, Calmg Pro Lights type and schedule (indoor): (5) 3500k autocobs, (2) 3000k wumbo, running 19/5 Days from Seed: 114 Harvest Points: All cloudy with a bit of amber Dry Yield (grams): 370 […]

Grow Together: Tips and Tricks by Rusty

<blockquote>Not the most experienced but here are my answers for the questionnaire</blockquote> <blockquote><strong>whitey said </strong> <strong>GROW TOGETHER QUESTIONAIRE</strong> Can you explain beiefly how you germinate seeds?</blockquote> <blockquote>I tend to leave them in water for 12 hours then in to a cutting plug thingy untill it germs then planted strait in to there final pots.</blockquote> <blockquote> […]

Strain review by MrStrongCloud: Lost Angel

Strain: Lost Angel  Grower Name: @MrStrongCloud  Breeder: [Breeder]  Indoor/Outdoor Indoor  Medium: Fox Farms Ocean Forest / Happy Frog Combo  Nutrients: Fox Farm trio / Fox Farms Open Sesame, Beastie Blooms & Cha Ching Flower Boosters / Molasses / Cal Mag  Lights type and schedule (indoor): 1000 watt MH and switched to 1000 watt HPS lamp  Days […]

Strain review by Fettled6: Ruby

Strain: Ruby Grower Name: fettled6 Breeder: [Breeder] Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Medium: Hydroton Nutrients: GH FloraNova Bloom, Floralichious, Nf Bud Burst, Sensi Pro BioDiesel, 420 mycco, mammoth P & Optic Foliar Lights type and schedule (indoor): 860w CMH 18/6 Days from Seed: 82 Harvest Points: Day 82 Dry Yield (grams): 151 Growth Comments: Excellent structure, minimal training […]

Strain Review by Farfadet: Amnesia Stone

Strain: Amnesia Stone Grower Name: Farfadet Breeder: Stone Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Medium: u gro ¬†brand coco Nutrients: B.C a+b ,AN big bud,Overdrive,Voodoo Juice,Scorpion Juice,Piranah,green planet pro-cal,sm-90 Lights type and schedule (indoor): start under a 400 hps first month ,250hps + 4xt5 4 foot 24/24 Days from Seed: 106 days? Harvest Points: HUh! I cut it all […]

Stain review by MrStrongCloud: Funky Monkey

Strain: Funky Monkey Grower Name: Mr. Strongcloud Indoor Medium: Fox Farm Ocean Blend and Happy Frog 1:1 Nutrients: Fox Farms Trio Lights type and schedule (indoor): 1000w Vivosun HPS Days from Seed: 98 Harvest Points: Harvested at roughly 15% amber trics. It provided a wonderful uplifting high. Dry Yield (grams): 67 Growth Comments: I did […]

Strain review by Smokesome: Sour Mango

Strain: Sour Mango¬† Grower Name: Smokesome Indoor Medium: Roots Organic Coco Soilless Mix Nutrients: MegaCrop, Sweet Candy, Bud Explosion, CalMg Lights type and schedule (indoor): 55w COBs on 18/6 Days from Seed: 78-85 Harvest Points: Started taking some off the top at about 98% cloudy. Then took a few more cuts for the following week […]

Strain review by Smokesome:Obsidian spirit

Strain: Obsidian Spirit Grower Name: SmokeSome Indoor Medium: Roots Organic Soilless Mix Nutrients: MegaCrop, Sweet Candy, Bud Explosion Lights type and schedule (indoor): 200w LED schedule 18/6 Days from Seed: 74 Harvest Points: Took her all down at once with about 5-10% amber. Dry Yield (grams): 24 Growth Comments: Excellent grower who could handle her […]

Strain review by MrStrongCloud: S99 V6

Strain: S99 V6 Grower Name: Mr. Strongcloud Indoor Medium: Good Farms happy frog/ ocean blend. 50/50+perlite Nutrients: Good Farms trio + advanced nutrients bud candy and extra calmag when needed Lights type and schedule (indoor): 18/6 vivo sun 1000watt Days from Seed: 87 Harvest Points: Took her at Roughly 15% Amber. Provided a wonderful Purple […]

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