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Strain Review by Eyes on Fire: Black Stone

Strain Review: Black Stone  Fourth generation test grow Grower’s name: Eyes on Fire Breeder: Stone Indoor: Gorilla Tent 5X5 w/ Diamond Mylar lining Medium: TLO soil Nutrients: ACT’s and the occasional Soup feeding early on Lights: T-5 HO four foot 8 Bulb Hydrofarm’s From Seed: 13 weeks Harvest Points: Regulars are a more intense smell. The Fems are similar in smell […]

Medical cannabis research news – Part 2

This is the second part of my update of bite size news on scientific research on cannabis. Hope you will find it interesting.   Cannabis and Schizophrenia Researchers from the University of Cologne, Germany have run clinical trial with 39 participants who were treated for schizophrenia and were hospitalized with psychotic episode. Half of the […]

Strain Review by Eyes on Fire: Stone99

Grower’s name: Eyes on Fire Strain: Stone99 Breeder: Stone Indoor: 5X5 Gorilla Tent w/ Diamond Mylar linking.Flat white grow table Medium: Soil-TLO  Mix.2.1 Master Soil Recipe Designed by the Rev.Used his mellow mix for seedlings cut by 60% with Jiyy’s Seedling organic mix… Its now a fantastic seedling mix for photos and Autos alike. Nutrients: […]

Medical cannabis research news

I came across some articles about medical cannabis and decided to write a short summery because it is quite challenging to find scientific data due to restrictions on cannabis research. This is a bite size review on some research data. Medical cannabis in treating epilepsy The article is discussing an interesting case about child from […]

Healing with Terpenes – Cannabis Aromatherapy

Terpenes. A word you may have seen used more and more over recent years, but what exactly are terpenes? Have you ever wondered how the strain Blue Dream can smell so similar to fresh blueberry doughnuts?  Or how a sniff of the K.O. Kali-O seems to burst with citrus just like a California Orange?  Yes, it […]

Ramblings of an old farmer – Magnesium and DMSO Rub

Oldster’s Magnesium and DMSO Rub Good Monday everyone, hope you had a great weekend. Mrs. Oldster and I were helping out at our local fair last week and her bad knees are really acting up. I thought I would surprise her with a fresh batch of my Magnesium and DMSO rub. Both Magnesium and DMSO […]

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