Fried Cannabis Oil

Fried Cannabis Oil

This is a quick to make oil based extraction that is great for sleep and pain relief. I use raw coconut oil for extraction since it is easily absorbed but any oil of your choice should work. It works best if taken with some food, Mrs. Oldster spreads 1 – 2 cc’s on a piece of bread. The effects can last 6 to 8 hours. I store the finished oil in syringes so that it is easy to dispense and measure.



¼ cup of coconut oil

8 grams of decarbed bud.

Step 1- Decarb the bud to convert the THC-A to THC.

Preheat the oven to 215 degrees F. I place a pizza stone in the oven to help stabilize the temperature.


Place the bud in a shallow pan in the oven and heat it for 75 minutes. When the time is up turn off the oven and allow the bud to cool in the oven. I usually decarb enough bud for several batches and store the leftover in a sealed Ball jar.


Step 2- Break up the buds

Measure out 8 grams of decarbed buds and break up with your fingers until it is reasonably fine. I remove any large stem pieces in the process that might puncture the filter later.


Step 3- Fry the oil

Place the fine bud in a stainless steel pan with the ¼ cup coconut oil and fry while stirring constantly until the bud turns medium to dark brown. Do this step over low heat so the oil does not get too hot to fast, you want the oil to be about 350 -375 degrees F. Once the bud has turned brown remove from heat and allow to cool somewhat.




Step 4- Filter the oil

I like to use paint filters to strain the oil since they don’t absorb as much oil as cheesecloth would. Place the now just warm oil and bud in the filter and allow to drain. I will but the filter and oil in the microwave for about 20 seconds a few times to warm everything back up and allow more oil to drain from the bud.


Step 5- Package the oil

Put the finished oil in a jar or syringes. If you use syringes and the oil gets too hard to dispense just run hot water over the syringe for a few seconds to soften it.


Dosage: Start with about 1cc and test effect; wait for 2 hours before taking an additional dosage. Enjoy a restful, pain free night’s sleep.




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