We, at Autoflower-Portal, are a group of friends who share the same passion for our beloved autoflowering cannabis.

The purpose of Autoflower Portal blog is to dispel some of the many myths and uncertainties about autoflowering cannabis – techniques like topping, pruning, super-cropping, defoliation etc. COULD BE APPLIED to  autoflowering cannabis with fantastic results. We would also like to show how new autoflowering strains in development are properly tested in different conditions and fairly evaluated by medical and recreational users.



All medical strains are tested by people with different medical conditions who have reported all benefits to help our selection process.

Everything we offer is a limited edition which you cannot find anywhere else.  

Today is almost impossible to find quality medical regular autoflowering seeds. Most breeders and seed banks offer mainly feminised autoflowering seeds. We, at Autoflower Portal, believe that everyone should be able to breed their own autos and be self-sufficient.

The purpose of our gift shop is to help us keep Autoflower Portal up and running. 


We offer limited edition autoflowering cannabis seeds from private breeders in limited quantities which you cannot find anywhere else. 

By purchasing gift from our shop you will not only have something unique but you will be eligible to become part of Autoflower Portal community. Your purchase will help us continue our work. Our community is a great place to find new friends around the world who share your passion. We will love to see you among us!


Because we love what we do and it is our passion. We believe that this is the secret ingredient of the recipe to create unique autoflowers.

Please note, Autoflower-Portal does not encourage our visitors to break the law in their given country and we strongly implore all to check and comply with their own local laws relating to the production of cannabis.

Autoflower-Portal is intended for people over the age of 18. If you are interested to become member of our forum, please read more about the requirements and benefits of the membership.

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