Medical cannabis research news – Part 2

This is the second part of my update of bite size news on scientific research on cannabis. Hope you will find it interesting.


Cannabis and Schizophrenia

Researchers from the University of Cologne, Germany have run clinical trial with 39 participants who were treated for schizophrenia and were hospitalized with psychotic episode. Half of the participants were given amisulpride and the other half – CBD. Amisulpride is a medication used for treating psychosis. It was a blinded study so neither the researchers, nor the participants were aware of the treatment given to each participant. The result came as a surprise to the researchers – CBD and amisulpride had similar effect. Participants who were on CBD did not experience any adverse reactions.

Researchers discuss that there were previous animal studies and clinical trial, which showed that CBD had anti-psychotic effect.

However, the situation with THC is different.THC has effect on receptor that has anti-psychotic effect but also on another receptor that could cause psychotic episodes. They explained that systemic use of cannabis could cause to build tolerance and more THC may trigger the receptor that causes psychotic episodes.


Cannabis and Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers from Stanford University of California have discovered that Alzheimer’s Disease could be a result of suppression of “natural cannabis” in the brain. Their brain scan results on patients in early stage showed that endocannabinoids are blocked by a protein in the brain. This could lead to impaired learning and memory loss.

There results could be critical for future Alzheimer’s Disease treatment and medical cannabis research.


Goiter and cannabis

As requested by pop I did some research about cannabis use for goiter. Unfortunately I did not come across any scientific research for cannabis and goiter, however goiter is cause by low iodine levels and hemp seeds oli is a very rich source of iodine. There were forums where patients have reported using hemp seeds oil for their condition and they claim they have improved significantly. I hope this is somehow helpful.

Source regarding hemp seeds oil iodine level:


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