Sugar free canna (ABV) chocolate

Hey my friends, yesterday I made a batch of sugar free canna chocolate and I decided to share with you my simple recipe :Delicious: I love to cook but I never follow recipes and proportions because I always improvise in the kitchen so no exact proportions in my recipes and you can always add something extra  :Wink: The cocoa bar is 125 grams, AVB oil is about the same 100-120 g and 50 grams nuts make about 300 grams canna infused chocolate. I stopped using sugar about a year ago and I use honey only ever since. Keep in mind that if the canna oil is more than the cocoa it may ruin the taste of the final product and on the other hand your chocolate will not be solid on room temperature. INGREDIENTS Dark chocolate. I use 100% cocoa bars Honey. Cannabis coconut oil. I made a batch of ABV last week by using the same recipe for ABV oil I already shared with you. Dried fruits.  I used cranberries and apricots this time but you could add whatever you like. Nuts. I usually add almonds but this time grabbed a pack of mixed chopped nuts Vanilla and cinnamon choco2 DIRECTIONS Melt you canna coconut oil  in a pan on double boiler choco_14 Pour melted oil in the pan chop the cocoa bar add 2-3  spoons honey (it’s up to your taste how sweet you like it but 3 spoons is sweet enough) Sprinkle some vanilla and cinnamon and stir well with wooden spoon choco3 After all ingredients are mixed and your chocolate is melted it is time to add dried fruits and nuts. choco5 Stir well choco6 And pour the hot chocolate in a Pyrex dish over a layer of cling film choco8 Put it in the fridge, usually for 1 hour it gets solid and could be cut on smaller pieces and stored in frizzer. choco7 choco12 choco10 I stored 15 One of these small bars and sampled one last night. Well, I slept like a baby and was medicated till the early afternoon today and didn’t need to toke in the morning. :Wink: Just repeated the sampling   :Happy-Grin:  The weather change lately is bugging me and I needed some meds. Enjoy party-time  

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