Topping Your Auto Flowers to increase Yield or Contain Height

There is a Myth about Topping Auto’s, whether they recover or have the time and if it’s beneficial at all.
Here’s a Quick Myth Buster for ya. Moonstone Low Stress Trained(LST) in 6L pot 50g Dried. Moonstone Topped Twice & Trained in 6L pot 89g Dried. Amnesia Stone Topped once in 3-4L pot 84g Dried.

There are some key things to remember when Topping Auto Flower Cannabis plants, which I hope to be able to convey here shortly;

Easy quick tutorial, step by step for first try to get a feel then amend to how green your thumb is and conditions.

BEFORE STEP ONE; Always give your plants a day or 2 to recover before attempting another session of any form of Stress.

1. Grow your plant to the point where it has 4 or 5 sets of Fan Leaves
2. Choose Nodes with the Healthiest, most Self Sufficient Fan Leaves that will soon support Branches (I usually chose 2nd and 3rd set. 4th set to if I want 6 branches)
3. Remove any unwanted Growth(Like 1st set of Leaves and any Growth there)
4. Cut the Stem on plant above your highest chosen Node(if there is not enough space to Cut allowing space for its future Branching, wait a day or 2)

Doing this directs all of the energy into the remaining 4-6 Fan Leaves and their branches. When using just 4 Branches often you will end up with all 4 being main Heads now, if not still 2.
Removing the Unwanted Fans, Growth and the Top of plant this early is important as to not waste energy or time unnecessarily

5. Once your branches have advanced enough you will have the option of leaving to grow as it or to start tying them down and out allowing each branches own Node Growths to branch upwards as potential Colas, Mini Forest in a pot ready to flower.

This has allowed you to take advantage of more space width ways, whilst maintaining a manageable height if restricted or just bulking out plant for a greater yield.

Hope this Step by Step has been of use and look forward to seeing more people trying it..




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