Strain Review by Tetra9: Fairy Frost

Strain: Fairy Frost


Jack Herer and TrainWreck


Did it autoflower?: Yes – showed signs of sex before 20 days


Soil/hydro: Hydro – 2 Gallon DWC



Nutes: SkunkWerks Pro A+B



Light (kind and schedule): 18/6 – 600 Watt MH and 600 Watt HPS – accordingly



From seed to harvest date: 65days




Dry Yield: 74g




High/Effect Duration: Classic Uplifting Sativa High. Tolerance Smasher. Has an old school creeper effect that’s had it’s way with more than one friend and family member. Leaves everyone asking ” what was that ” ? There are some medical properties as it helps with appetite, sleep, mood, and most notably, it seems to aid in circulation somehow. There’s a full body flushing and a warmth that comes with being medicated with FF, and it ends up setteling behind your ears and on the back of the neck.



RATE SCALE: * bad to ***** good





Very pretty, respectable density. Looks beautiful in the bag




Plug and play. Very Robust and Hearty plant. I said it in my journal so I’ll repeat it here, this plant seemed pissed off. It had an angry, aggressive dispisotion and even smelled of Cracked Black Pepper during flower. Flowered early, fast and hard.


THE SMELL: *****


A touch of this – a dash of that. Smells like fuel at it’s base, with a citrus and pepper and pine undetones.


THE SMOKE: *****


I’ve never had a smoke so good that didn’t swell in my lungs and hurt me. Very smooth, easy in and easy out. Burns very clean with a nice “heady” Green hit to start.


THE HIGH: *****


Strong stuff. Two hit shit for people with normal tolerances. A true tolerance smasher. BHO and extract nuts that miss getting high from good flower, smoke some Fairy Frost !! It’ll do the job. Beware of the BHO from Fairy Frost! It’s bakes people for hours on end. 4 hours total.




The more it cures, the better it taste. I’m just being picky here but for some people, the flavor spectrum may be a bit simple. Starts with a nice heady green hit taste and goes to Pine mid Bowl. Burns to pure white ash.

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