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Rainbow Moonstone 40 days

Hey friends, Time to introduce you Rainbow Moonstone. Moonstone meets Black Stone. It was inevitable. 2 classics in one. Usually when I do a breeding run I grow and select my males outdoors to pick survivors in environment with extremely high relative humidity – all year round 60-99% RH and not much sunlight. I made […]

Guess the yield: Fairy Frost by pyrokev

Hey my friends, The time to renew the guessing games has come and today we’re starting with Fairy Frost that pyrokev just finished last week. The exact or closest guess in grams wins 6 fem seeds: 3 seeds Fairy Frost and 3 seeds Rainbow Moonstone. There will be only one prize and one winner but […]

Photo Contest: My Best Autoflower Portal picture – July 2016

Hey my friends, The time has come to start our regular photo contests and games. It’s a pleasure to announce the first photo contest – YOUR BEST PICTURE JULY 2016.  :Movie-Time:   How to Participate This contest is for everyone who has grown Autoflower Portal strains. Now you have the chance to show them and get a […]

Shades of black: Moonstone and Black Stone April 2016

Hey my friends, Long time no show  :Elvis: I am really sorry for the absence, almost a year :Pondering:  You know life gets busy but it’s not an excuse to skip repeatedly the main reason Autoflower Portal was created – to grow and show our girls, to share how they treat us and enjoying to […]

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