Captain’s Smoke Notes: Black Stone

Stone Dragon F1 & F4

Both of these strains are possibly some of the hardest to decipher I’ve ever found. I spent a long time trying to take note of the different flavours and aromas and I actually ran out before I had a chance to find them all, they just have such depth to the flavour. I found it really hard but…

The F1 in a joint was almost like a cross between a floral purple strain and an Afghani but in a vape things changed completely and I was picking up sweet spearmint and a faint aniseed.

I noted a huge amount of medical benefits from both of these strains. They both provided great pain relief, anti-depressant and anti-anxiety qualities and an increase in blood circulation. They were both fantastic as a muscle relaxant and sedative for those long sleepless nights.

The F4 is the winner in my books by providing an overall stronger and longer lasting body stone and adding much more depth to the flavour.  She had a lovely Floral and Fruity Sweet Red Wine/Rosé punch with what I can only describe as those fruity, candy pebbles you get from the seaside and also something which reminds me of mineral water. A kind of organic, fresh smell you get from a flowing river.

More to come soon …

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