How to Dry Cannabis Buds in Brown Paper Bags: The Truth!


How to Dry Cannabis Buds in Brown Paper Bags: The Truth!

Ok folks thought that I would bring you the Truth about Paper Bag dried Buds. I have been drying buds of all sizes in paper bags for years now and have NEVER lost bud to mold. This is the only way I dry and in my honest opinion takes some beating.

1. Why would you use brown bag to dry cannabis buds? What is the benefit?

OK, you have spent all this time, love and money on producing the best product you can grow, all those wonderful aromas that you would like to keep but just seem to fade when you hang on drying lines. Drying in brown paper bags keeps nearly all smell and tastes pretty much the same as a 3 week cure. Well, you don’t have to suffer anymore, just “Bag it”.

I chose two plants to give you all an idea of how to dry this way.

2. What do you do first? How much bud do you put in the bag? Do you monitor RH?

I dried this the way I normally dry. Trimmed and broken down into small buds for a faster dry, takes 4-7 days depending on where you dry, colder, damper places will increase the drying time (Always hang bags in this situation). You should be very careful when you fold your bags up. They do need a bit of air around them.

3. What about air circulation and humidity?

I personally don’t monitor Rh or temps in the bag all that is for the jar in my opinion. Remember the less the bag is open the better! Just give the bag a shake every now and then and they will be fine.

4. How much do you store in a bag?

How much in your bag depends on many factors. Ideally you want to just cover the bottom. More important is the type of bag you use. Store shopping bag are good they need to be fairly thick to help absorb the moister and Most important Do Not Use Waxed bags they don’t allow moister to evaporate , they must feel like paper.

5. Do you need to open the bag and check the drying stage?

The idea is NOT to open your bags as this also slows down the drying process, but will not do any harm if you check once a day, lol I did this first time I tried bag drying, nowadays I don’t check them for the first 4-5 days. Be careful once there nearly dry the moister goes quickly and its easy to over dry them.

6. Can you dry the whole plant in the bag?

In an ideal world this would be a slow process. Longer it takes better the cure. The other plant used was SourD Mango which had a Fat cola which wasn’t broken down and dried whole, this add a couple of more days to the drying process, but again NO MOLD. I have even dried forearm size colas in bags before, heck, I’ve even dried a Whole plant in a Brown Bag before and still NO MOLD…

And now dry and out of the bag and into jars for curing!

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