Cannabinoids in Commercial Cannabis Oils Stored Long Term

Identification and Determination of Cannabinoids in both Commercially Available and Cannabis Oils Stored Long Term

I came across an interesting article from Japanese team, published in Journal of Health Science (2005).

They have used thin-layer chromatography and capillary gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to examine 2 commercially available Cannabis sativa L. oils, which are sold in Japan. The two cannabis seeds oils used are “Hemp oil” (THC, 16.3 μg/g and CBN, 5.9 μg/g) and “Taima-yu” (CBD, 26.1 μg/g).

In their previous research with CBDA-rich cannabis oil from pressed leaves they discovered that after 8 years storage the oil still contain CBD. They decided to repeat the experiment with commercially available cannabis seeds oils and find out if they still contain CBD after 20 years storage at room temperature.

The researchers discovered that CBD content decrease with time. Therefore the authors recommend CBD concentration to be examined before marketing.

Main conclusion: CBD content in cannabis seeds oils decrease in a long term storage according to this research. This is important information to keep in mind when purchasing and storing cannabis seeds oil.


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