Viruses rarely kill cannabis, however they are very difficult to eradicate, affect yields and could invade all plant parts. They can exist and replicate only in living plants. Viruses are usually transmitted by insects. Research on 22 plant viruses showed that over half of them could infect cannabis.
  1. Hemp streak virus (HSV)
Hemp streak virusCause or pathogen: HSV Description and Symptoms: HSV often attacks fiber hemp in Europe. Symptoms start with pale green chlorosis, which develops into series of interveinal yellow streaks or chevron-stripes. Sometimes there are brown necrotic flecks, which appear along the margins and tips of older leaves. Leaf margins become wrinkled and leaf tips roll upward, leaflets curl into spiral. The whole plant assume a “wavy wilt” appearance. Recommendations: Some RNA prohormones could help. [1,2]
  1. Hemp mozaic virus
Cause or pathogen: HMV Description and Symptoms: HMV has been described in fiber hemp in Europe and “drug type” cannabis in Pakistan. Symptoms are grey leaf mosaics. Recommendations: Some RNA prohormones could help. [1,2]   Sources 1. A review of Cannabis Diseases 2. Sunn-hemp mosaic virus back-md

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