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Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) by Musturd 

You will need, 1 oz of dried bud, the good stuff. I am not a fan of trim for meds, using buds insures consistency and potentcy.

1 1/2 cups EVOO, look for cold pressed.

A crockpot or slow cooker. Strainer

Cover 1oz of bud, with 1 1/2 cups Cold pressed EVOO. Cook on low or med in slow cooker 3-4 hours. DO NOT STIR!! Cool, Strain, when straining it is very important to remove all plant matter it will spoil da oil… Also when straining, I use a gold metal coffee machine filter, Catch the first pour thru the filter and separate this batch before you start pressing the excess from the bud. That first pour thru will be clearer and more palatable than the secondary pressed oil. Easy.

This Oil is used in upcoming recipes but as is is a very effective pain reliever. These are general everyone needs to find the right dose but here is what I have found, At 1/4 teaspoon = advil, tylenol like pain relief without a buzz. Used 2 to 3 times a day. Functional pain relief. Best taken on empty stomach eat a little in about an hour. …At 1/2 teaspoon now it is like a vicadin or valium, probably dont want to operate heavy machinery, may cause drowsiness, will magnify effects of smoking. At these lower doses tolerance does not seem to build chronic pain patients have drawers of unused scrips to prove it works…. At 1 teaspoon a sleeping pill for most or a rocket ride for those that want to get high. High dose use will increase tolerance.

This is a “clean” oil. We will do a “green” oil later…

Cannabis Root Infused Coconut Oil by Musturd

This is the main ingredient in several different rubs we make. Again super simple.

You will need Unrefined Coconut Oil, Roots, water and a crockpot.

Put equal parts water and coconut oil in a slow cooker. Roots from 1 plant for every 8 oz of coconut used. Cook on med or low 12 hours. Strain, cool, separate. This infused block of coconut is the start of many rub recipes. I have 3 that I keep in stock all have different uses.

The Rubs….

Basic, 2 cups infused coconut, 1/2 cup beeswax, melt together in a double boiler, when melted remove from heat and cool. A cold water bath quickens. When just starting to firm whip blend or beat in 1/2 cup olive oil, 2 teas vitamin E oil, 1/4 teas lavender oil. Moisturizer/Massage oil, good on burns and tatoos, minor skin irritations, some pain relief. Ok for sensitive skin. Fun lubricant wink wink

Canna oil rub. Same as above add 2 Tablespoon Canna Oil. Improves pain relief. soothes exzema and psorisis, rashes, skin ailments, still good for sensitive skin.

MAGiC Rub. To basic add 2 tablespoon magnesium chloride oil and 2 teaspoon Almond oil. Arthritis killer. helps muscle nerve pain and spasms. Relaxes. Penetrates to deep joint pain. Not so good for sensitive skin. The Almond oil helps soothe the prickly drying effects of the MG.

These 3 recipes I keep on hand. MAGiC rub is very popular. I am always making small batches and trying different essential oils and scents, but these 3 are keepers.

Stay Tuned for more,

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