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Welcome to the Autoflower Portal kitchen. Here you will find recipes for canna edibles, tinctures, oils, hash, concentrates, capsules, rubs and non-canna meds as well – tested and submitted by our members.

Tutorial: How to make BHO safely

Hi My friends, today I would like to do a tutorial on how to make BHO SAFELY. You will notice a lot of the pictures for this, you probably seen on the pictorial that I did on BHO. To start with you will need some items: Buds completely dried out (how much bud you need will […]

Pollen collection, drying and storing

Greetings friends. I would like to show you how I harvest my pollen. The males that are being used for this guide are a Night Terror OG (left), and a Long Peak Blues (right). It is important to note that mature pollen is a nice yellow color. White or creamy looking pollen is immature. I […]

Canna Butter

[responsivevoice_button]` I would like to share my recipe for how I make my Canna Butter. Things you will need, I do 2 pounds of canna butter at a time. You can do smaller amounts if that works for you, just adjust the measurements to your need’s. 2 oz. good buds (the better the buds the […]

Cannabis Stem Oil Extraction

[responsivevoice_button]` I wanted to share my method of extracting stem oil because most of us just toss the stems and this is a fantastic method of getting the trichs off the stems. The trichs on the stems tend to be more mature, thus producing a more sedative effect which is great for sleep meds and […]

How to Dry Cannabis Buds in Brown Paper Bags: The Truth!

  How to Dry Cannabis Buds in Brown Paper Bags: The Truth! Ok folks thought that I would bring you the Truth about Paper Bag dried Buds. I have been drying buds of all sizes in paper bags for years now and have NEVER lost bud to mold. This is the only way I dry and in […]

Homemade Musturd’s MAGiC Rub

Homemade Musturd’s MAGiC Rub Howdy Canna Friends, Here is a how to with pictures… First the Cannabis root infused Coconut Oil that is the base. Mix equal amounts Coconut Oil and Water along with clean roots. I use roots from 1 plant for every 8 oz of Coconut Oil. Heat on Medium (225-250f) in a […]