Tutorial: How to make BHO safely

Hi My friends, today I would like to do a tutorial on how to make BHO SAFELY. You will notice a lot of the pictures for this, you probably seen on the pictorial that I did on BHO. To start with you will need some items:
  1. Buds completely dried out (how much bud you need will depend on your tube size)
  2. Butane (good butane for blasting). I use Puretane or Newport. There are several kinds made for Blasting figure 1 can to an Oz of buds
  3. Pyrex dish (I use 1 small one for blasting into 8″X8″)
  4. Some water for the purge bath
  5. A electric skillet (big enough that the larger Pyrex will fit into)
  6. PTFE paper for blasting into (optional, it beats scrapping with a razor blade. Also don’t blast onto Parchment Paper)
  7. Parchment Paper
  8. Vacuum chamber
  9. Vacuum Pump
  10. Heat source for the purge (digital heater, electric griddle, heating pad will work)
  11. Digital thermometer
  12. Fire Extinguisher
  13. Your glass tube extractor or equivalent with stainless screen. Don’t buy a cheep tube get a good thick glassed one, or Stainless steel.  (NO aluminum or PVC, I’m not keen on plastic either) you can use unbleached coffee filters, but if you have a blow out you just learned a valuable lesson (don’t cheap out here)
  14. Clean rags to tape around your tube and butane can ( they get pretty cold, and they will  suck up the condensation)
  15. Cooler filled with ice.
First take your dried Buds and crush them up, trying not to take off the trichomes off the buds. I used to grind them in a grinder, but they rob you of all the good stuff so I just give them a lite crush now. Now that you have broken up the buds you can start to pack your tube. You want to pack them firmly, but not packed to tight. You will want to use  something that fits in the tube, I use wood dowels. After you have them packed go ahead and place the screens and clamps on. You should be able to blow through them without to much restriction. If you packed it to tight don’t worry, just empty it out and start over. 1 - BHO by pyrokev 9 - BHO by pyrokev 10 - BHO by pyrokev Now that you have them loaded and wrapped up, place them in the Freezer for 24 hours or more. Also place your Butane in the freezer. This will help strip off all the trichs. You will need to figure out were you are going to Blast at, NOT IN YOUR HOUSE. You need a place with good ventilation and a nice breeze. Also you will not want to do this if it is to windy out, as it will put debris in your BHO. (hair, dirt, dust, bugs, etc.) Now is were I will line my small Pyrex dish with PTFE paper (Oil Slick Slick Sheet) or you can just blast into the Pyrex, and scrape it all up with a razor blade when done. IMAG4333 Now when ready to start blasting get your cooler of ice and place your butane and extraction tubes in it to keep them cold. If your doing more than 1 tube, and your blasting spot is a little bit away from your house. If your just doing 1 tube right outside you can skip this. 12 - BHO by pyrokev 13 - BHO by pyrokev At this point make sure there are no ignition points, NO SMOKING, fans can spark, and so can other electrical devices. Butane is heavier than air and will go down, and collect in a enclosed area. Now you should be ready to blast into your collection dish, you will want to hold the tube about 2-3″ from the dish and press your butane can into the small hole at the top of the tube. Take care not to stop and pull the tip out of the hole to fast, as it will spray plant matter back out the small hole and will end up in you BHO. It won’t hurt you, but you want to taste the oil not the plant matter. I usually press for 4-5 seconds and stop for 2-3 second till I see the oil coming out then I just hold the can down till done.  I can’t take pictures of this process, as I need both hands. So this is what it should look like when you are done. If you get some water from the condensation, don’t worry the vacuum will pull it right out. 14 - BHO by pyrokev Now you will start your purge bath by placing the Pyrex dish in the electric skillet with the water in it. I use a small cooling rack under the Pyrex to keep it off the bottom of the skillet, and allow the warm water to help keep hot spots from forming and allow for an even heating. I try to keep the Temp about 110-115F. IMAG4330 It will start to bubble as it warms up. You want to keep the bubbles down to just small ones. If it bubbles too violently, it will splatter everywhere. IMAG4331 Now just let it do its thing, till you are left with something that look’s like this. IMAG4332 When it has come pretty much to a stop, you can get ready to place it in the Vac. chamber. 20 - BHO by pyrokev I just take the PTFE paper and place it in there. I set the digital heater to 117F, so that the temp inside will end up being about 110-113F. I adjust this before placing the BHO in there. 19 - BHO by pyrokev Now I will draw down the vacuum, and watch closely as sometimes it will muffin top. If it starts to get too big, just shut off the vacuum and let it stand for a minute. Then add more vac. until it drops back down and just bubbles. I usually shut off the pump after about 5 minutes of running. Then I will let it sit and purge for about 20 minutes. Then I will release the vacuum SLOWLY, if you open the valve to fast the paper will go flying all over the place in the chamber. Here is were doing this several times pays off, as you will see what kind of consistency works best for removing the BHO from the PTFE. Not enough purge and it won’t want to come off. You want it kind of thick and tacky, if it runs on the paper put it back for a little bit longer. When you are ready just fold the paper over so that the oil is over lapping like this. IMAG4404 I will throw it in the freezer for a couple of minutes, then take it out and open it back up, and keep repeating until you collect it all up into one small slab. IMAG4405   IMAG4406  IMAG4407 When you get it all gathered up now you can transfer it to the parchment paper. Do not try to finish your BHO in the PTFE paper, as it is a pain to get it off. I now make a little tray out of the parchment paper so it doesn’t run off. Many of mornings I’ve come out to find that it has run off the paper onto the silicone pad, which you can use instead of the parchment. I find it is hard to get everything off the silicone too. There’s always some residue sticking to it. IMAG4409 So now that you have it on the parchment, just leave it with vacuum pulled all the way down. I will take it out every 4-5 hours and set it in the freezer for a minute and flip it over and place it back in the chamber again. This will help release the butane out of the oil. You should let the oil warm back up before applying vacuum, you will notice it bubbles quite a bit after flipping it. I usually purge for about 72 hour’s in total. I find that this will make sure that there is not any butane in my Meds. When your oil is done you can give it the sizzle test to make sure it is safe. Just take your dabber or a paper clip, and place a small amount on it. Torch up your rig and place it on the nail, if no sizzle you should be ready to take a Dab. 21 - BHO by pyrokev The pictures I used for this, came from several different runs, so you will notice some really light colored oil and some dark amber oil. I have found if you take your buds and go to straight to drying them from harvest, you will get a lighter color. When I run cured buds I get a dark amber oil. Both are very tasty. Most of the time I will end up with a shatter consistency, to pull snap type. I sometimes will up the heat looking for a nice crumble when purging. Hope this will help some of you in your quest to make good safe BHO. :Smile: If anyone has any questions just post them, and I will do my best to answer them. Peace my friends

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