Topped Stone Dragon Days 1-52

  • Stone Dragon Special Fem
  • Temperature: 28-32.5*C
  • Height of the plant: 6.5″
  • Age of the plant: 1-52 Days
  • Kind of training: Topped Multiple Times/Tied Down Many Times
  • Pot (size/type): 3.2Ltr Regular Pot
  • Medium: Coco
  • Lights type and schedule (for indoor): 24/0
  • Relative humidity: 55-80%
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule:
    • Advance Nutrients; – Big Bud
    • CANNA; – Coco A+B, PK 13/14
    • Cyco: Uptake, Supa Stiky
    • BudMeister
    • Auxione
  • Growth: This plant has spent some of its life underneath other plants branches and canopies yet continued to excel. Due to the Height Restrictions I did make a firm decision to not grow this plant out to a larger size and kept her short with all the Topping, Tying. As well as not really pushing the CANNA Coco A+B Nutrients this and next run hence those pale stages. Came through those times like a champ as usual and has given me a beautiful even canopy with some very promising chunky bud sites!
  • Smell: From the faint Canna smell in Veg, to a very Dank, almost entire Rain Forest Dank! Getting into Mid Flower some Sweet/Berry/Blueberry notes are coming forth.

Healthy little Stone up to day 17 where you can see it is asking for something more than A+B 0.6ml/L and AUXIONE. She had grown out sets 1, 2, 3, 4 and just 5 so I took this chance to Top her between 3rd and 4th, Removed 1st set. Then gave the next mix a boost for it to use that fresh feed to give it less to recover, with more focus on less branches.

Early Veg

Well, once I actually had my A+B around 1.2ml/L and the roots were nearing established she took off!

Still a touch pale so am now working A+B up in small increments of 0.2-0.4ml/L. Now that the canopy has covered the pot pace shall increase once more just in time for Veg.

Each of the 4 Main Heads have grown out 2-3 nodes I like, so will be getting topped any day now.. 8 Main Heads here we come!

Full Veg

The under feed is now a thing of the past, as you see the slightly pale fan leaves disappear into the thick shrub.

Pre Flower

Looking real lush, come a long way since that tough spell in the 3rd week! Pre Flower has kicked in with plenty of it.

Pre Flower – Early Bloom

Rich Green to the Leaves now, I find it gets darker into bloom but this tone is right around where I like this strain to be at this stage.

Switching into early bloom the vertical growth has pretty much stopped now and given me a quite even Sea of Green

See you next time  :Woodstock:

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