Topped Sour Lemon – Part 1

Topped Sour Lemon #4

  • Indoor
  • Medium: Coco
  • Pot: 3.2Ltr Regular Pot
  • Kind of training: Topped Multiple Times.
  • Age of the plant: Days 2-40
  • Height of the plant: 12-15.5″
  • Temperature: 15-28*C
  • Relative humidity: 35-87%
  • Lights type and schedule: 1 of 6x 3 Ltr Plants under an 8 Module  360w VIPAR LED 24/0
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule:
  • CANNA Coco A+B
  • CANNA PK 13/14
  • AN Bud Candy
  • AN Big Bud
  • 1ml/L CalMag+
  • Flood to Waste every 1-2 Days

Here we have from seedling, through first half of veg of one of the  Sour Lemons I am running for N.W.

This Phenotype gave me great ability and space to work with this style, and has really paid off later down the track, which you will have to watch out for Part 2 to see the stacking and ridiculous Resin Production from buds and trim leave, all the way up to the later-smaller fan leaves’ tips.

Was definitely one that caught my eye right from the moment it popped its head up, with fingers crosses it was a girl. Thankfully it was! Also have Real Chunky Affy Dom Sour Lemon on the way which will get its own Blog.

As you can probably see I have not raised my Nutrients yet. Still dislike this stage as does it me… is the transition from seedling to right before proper veg nutrient strengths, with just a few sets of leaves. So I just leave them on enough to survive. I always remove First set of Single Finger Fan Leaves, their job is done just supporting growing the rest. Looking for a healthy preferably 2nd and 3rd set to use but if the 2nd is not to liking, you can use 4th. The longer you wait to Top your plant and remove the lower unwanted sets, the more energy is wasted on those and not directed into your future main branches. Considering that I amended my Nutrients, Flooded it ready for Topping tomorrow.

After Topping

Bump in nutrients helped loads in just a day.

Chose to use the 2nd and 3rd, so was then able to remove the 1st Set and Top just under the 4th Set, leaving enough room for the 3rd sets branches room. Was a bit worried I cut too close (used Thumb Nail) but all is well, nice clean cut and PLENTY of light getting in to the 4 remaining growth sites. Growth sites advance quickly..

Now that I’ve confirmed it is a girl and she is looking a little cramped in the 500 ml Pot but not yet really effected. She has been Transplanted into a 3.2 Ltr Pot and quickly takes advantage of it. Once the roots settled in and the nutrients flush through over the next couple of days it starts to Veg. Looks to really like its new home so made the Tie Downs(training) either same day or day after. Now Super Lush at the Day 34 pic and appears to be nicely rooting in now.

The Real Veg is just beginning, time to see where and who will stack up. A bunch of Leaf tucking and you find more heads hidden beneath the sea of green in center. Once she started to stretch and stack some node sites, it was very easy to manipulate and tie in position to really open it up to the light. That being said… there was one Tie wire that was pinched a little tight and sharp edge had cut one of the main branches so that just redirected the energy to the 2 vertical branches still remaining on that main branch. I had been wondering why the growth had slowed on that area, adjusted wire and SLICE! Oh well…

This is where I leave you. Pre flower is just starting/on its way so as good a place as any to leave a journey hanging..

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