Topped Sour Caramel Saga Begins

Greetings people!  :Hi:

I have been searching, searching for some minor data scraps I leave scribbled around the room. But here we are finally, getting to show the babies off :Approve:

So let us get right down to it!

Strain: Sour Caramel Regular Seeds

  • Indoor
  • Medium: Coco
  • Pot:  4x 500ml Regular Pots (Will Transplant Female’s to 3.2Ltr)
  • Kind of training: None Yet but there will be Topping/LST/More
  • Age of the plant: Days 1-7
  • Height of the plant: 0.5-2″
  • Temperature: 22-30*C
  • Relative humidity: 50-78%
  • Lights type and schedule: Shares 360w VIPAR LED 24/0
  • Tent: 90x60x90cm
  • Nutrients and Feeding/Watering Schedule:
  • CANNA Coco A+B 0.6ml/L
  • AUXINONE 0.6ml/L (Root Stimulant)
  • Bottom Feeding every 2nd day.

Smell: Hint of fresh cut grass.

Growth: Much like you would expect for seedlings;

  • 4 Beans Dropped into water
  • All Sunk within 12 Hours
  • All Cracked within 48 Hours
  • All Planted within 72 Hours
  • 2 Popped their heads above ground in 48 Hours
  • All Popped by 72 hours

Seem like a solid enough bunch, looks like there is 2 different phenotypes showing there so looking out for a nice female of either to Transplant ASAP. Would of started them in 1 Ltr Pots though I was running low on Coco bricks and had like 12 pots to fill, them plus left over flowering plants there was so little space I re did my tents ducting/fan placement just to get the floor space. Still not sure where the room came from.  :Thinking:

#1 – Good Stuff!

#2 – Interesting Little Lean There, But Whatever!

#3 – Yes, what you see is some correction in labels.. That is what you get for Medicating with one strain and Writing for another I guess… Shameful I know, BUT would sit next to the bong all over again! In-fact, I shall go back there right after this.  :Angel:

This one had an interesting bend up top but straightened out after moving to centre of lighting for a couple hours.

#4 – This one is green, good pace. Fits into “The Standard” of health so well I feel it goes unnoticed in the group that had another days heads start. This one and #1 might be my favourite’s at the lot.

For those that made it through till the end..

I made an early decision to drop and replace a bean, but kept both. So there will be a newbie joining the party next, Sour Caramel Update!  :Wink: 

Stay Tuned, Stay Vaped  :Who-s-the-man:

I am off for a Movie Night, with Da Buddha resting beside… Ah yes, back to the vapour cloud we go.. :i-heart-us:

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