Topped Moonstone Amnesia Final Flush and Cut

Strain: Moonstone Amnesia

  • Indoor
  • Medium: Coco
  • Pot: 3-4 Ltr Regular Pot
  • Kind of training: Topped Above 3rd Node and Removed 1st Set, Tied Down.
  • Age of the plant: Day 66
  • Height of the plant: 12″
  • Temperature: 27.5-33*C
  • Relative humidity: 70-87%
  • Lights type and schedule: Shares an 8 Module  360w VIPAR LED 24/0 between 4 Plants
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: Tap water Flushing/ Every 2-3 Days
  • Growth: This continues to be a fast Phenotype and Strain in my mind, being able to start cutting at 59 days for a good/strong/uplifting daytime med. Then really put on some weight on the remaining lower parts of plant the past week. I needed some medication ASAP and this provided.

Here we have all that remained to be harvested. Has the Trim leaves nearly sucked dry of life, and feed some seriously swollen, frost coated flowers. When looking at them with own eyes its Trichs were distorting the vision of the buds almost completely and gave off a sparkle that was almost dripping. I’m actually salivating thinking about vaping some now…

Incredible Bud to Leaf ratio and the chunky Indica side of this strain makes the chunky nuggets a breeze to trim. The Finger and Scissor Hash was delicious, Strong Hash, Spice with a still Unsure Funk. But it leaves you eyeballing the Jar and the next Nugget to meet the Grinder.

I know this isn’t the most exciting “Healthy” stage to show, but we as growers I feel this is just another part of the culture. From Bean, to fade, right up to bong. :Woodstock:

A few Skeletons have been in my closet, but let’s look at this one…

Might also give a bit of a better idea of Topping.

Very Strong Stem and Main Branches. The Branches’ Branches held their yield with no problems seemingly unfazed.

The Roots are well dried before removing, Filled the pot out well and could see it doing very well in a larger pot and paying back plenty. :Approve:

Dry Nugs – 4 bigger ones are the Tops of each Main Branch and pretty rock hard! There are also some other nugs that are more on the Amnesia side (bother very nice). Has a potent Hash/Woodsy/Hazy/Musky/Amnesia Phenotype Funk, yet somehow keeps a low aroma untouched. Once a Nugget is broken there is a robust amplification of their characters and can fill the room quickly.  I see/taste/feel the combination of Moonstone and Amnesia are crossing nicely. Definite signs of Amnesia traits in those chunky Moonstone Nugs. :All-I-See-is-Love:


Hope to have the Smoke Report for this out Next.

VapedRamblesComeToAnEnd… :Thinking: Now


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