Topped Hydra and Moon Tears – Staying Green – Day 25-53

  • Moon Tears and Hydra
  • Indoor
  • Medium: Coco
  • Pot: Started in 1Ltr – Transplanted to 3.2Ltr
  • Kind of training: Topped above 3rd set of Fan Leaves and their Branching & Removed 1st Set of Leaves and any growth.
  • Age of the plant: 25-39 Days old
  • Height of the plants: Both Approx. 12″
  • Temperature: 27.5-36*C
  • Relative humidity: 55-85%
  • Lights type and schedule (for indoor): 24/0
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule:
  • CANNA; – 
  • A+B 1.2-1.6ml/L
  • PK 13/14 0.4ml/L(Added approx. day 38)
  • Cyco;-
  • Supa Stiky 0.5-1ml/L(Replaced AN Bud Candy for sugars in growth and flower)
  • Uptake 1ml/L
  • Auxione:- 1ml/L – Stopped once well rooted and pre-flowers showed up.
  • Growth: Vigorous starters as a seedlings and very healthy green, Hydra 1st set of leaves did yellow a little but when young I prefer to underfeed than risk overfeed now days. Both responded well to the Transplanting/Topping and first proper Flood to Waste style feed of their life cycle. Now that they have a decent little canopy they are moving along at a very nice pace. Will be doing some tying and 2nd topping sessions tomorrow. Love those Fat fan leaves! So far have been easy to grow
  • Smell:
  • Hydra
  • Mild veg Canna smell

4 beautiful main heads. Now, where did my scissors get to…

Found my scissors *insert evil laughter*

To finish them of that day I worked the stems by gently pressing down with hand more and more until content, gives them a chance to get ready for the tie down in the next day or so and a head start on some light penetrating to lower growth.

2 Days Later and you see I’ve tied it down once on each main branch, not trying to over do it but still not wasting any time allowing them to recover and Node Sites Remaining are now on their way after the Topping.

Each of the now 8 main heads are well on their way, as are the node sites along each main stem! Maintaining this level canopy from the start gives the plants and nodes their best chance at getting 100% 24/0 light and potentially add to the set of Mains.

I could have tied these many Mains, out a touch to open up all their bud sites but was very restricted for space at the time (and still am heh).

Am really happy with how this plant has spaced its nodes and so many main branches, hopefully some nice main filled in colas in the not too distant future.

After the Stretch she works her way into Pre flower and is displaying a nice number of node sites up along each branch.

Late Pre Flower/Early Bloom

OKAY, looks like we have a plant with lots of noded branches, now quickly filling in. Can we get them to Colas? I’m not sure but current day she has just suddenly CHUNKED out with Tric’s pouring in. This one will definitely be getting some more training outwards, packed in there and would like to see each of them get a good chance at light.., could see Hydra catching up on Moon Tears already, but DAMN!! Tune in next time! :)

Now, for the..

Moon Tears

Rooting and Recovered from Transplant.

So, as soon as she’s off starting growth and Veg it is back to more torture via Bondage this time…

Slight Paling of some leaves so will boost nutes next flood.

Now just recovering from the tie down, soaking up a slight boost in A+B and back pointing vertical.

The growth up till now has been for this point, to get down a nice base structure with many node sites so you can veg and flower some towers on top.

Veg/Stretch/Pre flower

All those freshly uncovered node sites have decided to pretty much all be main colas/stems/branches (whatever you’d like to call it)

I adore this shade of green. The stretch and full veg with this one has given each head of cola enough spacing for full light and even spaced the lower nodes so as to  be getting some down down further, did most of that on her own.  With that in mind I am imagining good size heads and nice sized nugs at lower sites.

Early Bloom

We are able to start seeing what will be Heads/Nugs/Pop corns and get an idea of yielding or not. Plenty of resinous Buds all over but all the Heads look particularity filled with potential leaving me filled with anticipation, lucky for me she seems to be quite quick The under canopy layer is looking almost as good with some nice penetration of light still getting through since all this filling in began. Really do want to, and probably will give her a little more tying out just to keep the penetration up. Lots left to fill in and plenty of time to do it. I am already happy :)

This and a few old Moonstones phenotype with their Candy/Bubblegum/Hashy/Sweet aromas bursting from just a touch, rank the Moonstone as my most likely Favorites from Stone and Auto Flower Portal, so BRING ON THE MOON TEARS

And there we have it! Till next time, puff, puff, passedout

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