Topped Fairy Stones Part 2

Topped Fairy Stones

  • Indoor
  • Medium: Coco
  • Pot: 3-4 Ltr Regular Pot
  • Kind of training: Topped Multiple Times, Removed 1st/2nd Set, Tied Down Multiple Times.
  • Age of the plant: Days 2-20
  • Height of the plant: 3-4″
  • Temperature: 25-33*C
  • Relative humidity: 58-73%
  • Lights type and schedule: 2 of 5 plants under an 8 Module  360w VIPAR LED 24/0
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule:
  • Advanced Nutrients
  • Cyco
  • Flood to Waste every 1-3 Days
  • A 10 Day Tap Water Flush Started towards end of Blog


Here is a quote from my grow log to hopefully aid in the telling of their recent tales;

 “2 older Fairies are 16 Days old now, should be showing sex soon.

Fairy Stone #2 is much more advanced Vertically/Laterally/Branching, almost half a week I’d say in growth.

Both had gotten up to their 4th and started on 5th sets.

I have Topped both now above the 3rd Node and Removed 1st Set to Focus growth on the remaining 2 sets so I can get some nice 4 main branches, should turn out good being started in final pots!

If I had not Topped them, they would be able to show sex earlier as they tend to show on about the 4th Node

Have 2 different structures so perhaps different phenotypes. We shall see..

For the past week they have been on;

CANNA Coco A+B – 1ml/L

Auxinone – 0.5ml/L

Cyco Platinum – Uptake – 0.5ml/L

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy – 0.5ml/L

Recently Added;

CalMag+  – 2ml/L

Baby Fairy is about Day 10 now and looking fine and healthy!

Green 1st, 2nd set with pronounced fingers on the 2nd set now and working on the 3rd Set of leaves.

This one was on;

CANNA Coco A+B – 0.5ml/L

Auxinone – 0.5ml/L

Cyco Platinum – Uptake – 0.5ml/L

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy – 0.5ml/L

Recently Added;

CalMag+  – 2ml/L”

Another shortly after;

“Fairy Stone Update:

#2 are 19 Days old

#4 is 13 Days old

They are looking great, each in their own way at the moment.

(#4)The Baby is almost ready to Top. Scratch that, I wandered off and got stoned and Cut that mofos head off topipe-smoking

#2 is looking excellent, really branched out now, have already forgotten it was a “plant that I am Topping” and moved on to “a miniature Shrub I am Tying Down to Tame the branches and open up the lower node sites they already have now! Tying down and leaf tucking is tedious, but fun and rewarding! already seeing 8 fresh, easy, colas to be. Please be Female haha…

Feedings are now the same for all FairyS;

CANNA Coco A+B – 1.2ml/L

Auxinone – 0.5ml/L (will up to 1ml/L soon)

Cyco Platinum – Uptake – 0.5ml/L 

Cyco Platinum – Supa Stiky – 0.5ml/L (Replaced AN Bud Candy – 0.5ml/L)

CalMag+  – 2ml/L

Will be upping in next few days;

A+B – 1.5ml/L

Auxinone – 1ml/L

Uptake – 1ml/L

Supa Stiky – 1ml/L

Can’t wait to see wait Cyco Platinum additives; Uptake and XL do when running together. Me thinks Jungles are inboundgrowing

Have Done away with the Male #1 which may appear later but here today is the 2 Females.

Fairy Stone #2

Day 9

Day 14 – Topped Before/After & Branching

2 Days after the Removal of Top and the Remaining Branches are starting to enjoy the now Direct Light.  

Day 20 – I am very happy with the way this plant has progressed along both speed and green wise. Does not ask for much, but can tell she will eventuate to something special.

Here are some Before Tying down Pictures.

Now, for the Bondage.. Revealing 8+ new Node Sites/Branches to Direct Light. :Approve: 

Fairy Stone #4

Days 2- 14 (Prior to Topping)

Topping #4

Here is the 3rd & 4th Node sites and growth, the 3rd site is the last set of branches I will want so either using Scissors or Finger Nails (CAREFULLY) cutting the Main Stem above 3rd sites branching and just below 4th Node’s Fan leaves. If not enough room coming back in a day or 2 usually does it.

Now to see if this was a mistake or not..  :Afraid:

Looks to have distributed evenly amongst Remaining 2 Nodes (4 Branches), hopefully giving me 2-4 Main branches to continually Tie Down and Train same with #2.

Then each Node site along their way away from main Stem later shoots vertically as a Cola of its own. Of course genetics play a roll in just how much or little they suit this treatment. :Crazy: Let’s see how they are fairing next Blog!

Until further up the Tree.. Puff, Puff, Pass :Caveman:

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