Topped Fairy Stone Get Started and Stoned


Hello People of the Portal, hoping all are well Medicated!

I’ve managed to come down from my Cloud of Vapour to start up a New Strain Grow for a New Strain I shall be testing of Stones Collection.

Thank You, my friend! *Passes some Amnesia Stone99*shareone

Here is what we are working with;

Strain: Fairy Stone Regular Seeds

  • Indoor
  • Medium: Coco
  • Pot:  3x 3.2Ltr & 1x 4.2Ltr Regular Pots (Started in Final Pots)
  • Kind of training: None Yet but there will be Topping/LST/More
  • Age of the plant: Days 1-7
  • Height of the plant: 0.5-2″
  • Temperature: 25-30*C
  • Relative humidity: 50-78%
  • Lights type and schedule: Shares 360w VIPAR LED 24/0
  • Tent: 90x60x90cm
  • Nutrients and Feeding/Watering Schedule: CANNA Coco A+B 0.6ml/L, AUXINONE 0.6ml/L (Root Stimulant) Bottom Feeding every 2nd day.

Smell: Hint of fresh cut grass.


4 Beans sunk in water under 12 hrs

4 Beans Cracked under 48 hrs

3 Beans showed Tap Root under 60 hrs – 4th under 72 hrs

4 beans planted in Final Pots 72 hrs

3 Popped up – 1 Failed

Since these girls started in their final pots and are said to be able to get big, They were quick off the mark and seem quite happy doing so. And I am happy to let them do so.

Fairy Stone #1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 5

Day 7

Fairy Stone #2

Day 2

Day 3

Day 5

Day 7

Fairy Stone #4

Day 1

1 not happy with so replaced.

Original Fairy Stone #3

Day 2

Check out this 2 Day old root system and that was torn out snapping bottom of tap off also. NICE!

There are now 3 up again and am happy with all. 4th is yet to pop and not sure it will but probably won’t need it anyways. all-good

The 2 oldest Fairies I am particularly happy with, 1 is now a bit taller and slightly ahead. Whilst the other 1 is a day or 2 behind in growth and seems to be more stout structure.growingThough that is for next update so hang tight wink Kind of expecting the tall one to be male and stout to be female but that is something we can find out together!

Almost time to Top 2 (Cut their heads off)insert-evil-laugh

Back into the clouds I go… VapedOutat-peace


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