Topped Black Stone Gets Flushed

Topped Black Stone Fem

  • Indoor
  • Medium: Coco
  • Pot: 3.2Ltr Regular Pot
  • Kind of training: Topped Above 4th Node and Removed 1st/2nd Set, Tied Down/out to pot width
  • Age of the plant: Days 54-65
  • Height of the plant: 11-12″
  • Temperature: 25-35*C
  • Relative humidity: 50-78%
  • Lights type and schedule: Shares 360w VIPAR LED 24/0 with another plant
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: CANNA Coco A+B 2.4ml/L, AN Big Bud 2ml/L, AN Bud Candy 2ml/L  –  Flood to Waste every 1-3 Days – Now Tap Water Flushing

Smell: Canna, Strong Affy is growing, Dank yet Sweet funk of Black Stone’s and the Aniseed is more prominent now.

Growth:  Some nice paced flowering action to show this time, Filling in of nice tight nodes and the beginning of some Purple/Black colours  :Movie-Time:  This plant is very Indica, short but packs much frosty weight in there, I love it. Could cram quite a few into a small grow space. Always good to revisit an old favourite. (Sorry drifted off there..  :Thinking:  Too much Amnesia Stone99? Or, not enough? Better have some more just to think on that a bit..  :Whistling: ) So the Black Stone flipped from early-mid bloom to full very quickly, was able to witness the swelling daily. The 4 Main Colas looking triumphant with the lower satellites not doing to much being towered over and all so I tide them down and out to the edge of pot also and then they did actually prove themselves worthy of surviving my previous plans to remove them. Have now started to fill out and colour in also. The colouration of Bud and leaf began more toward the later part of bloom and once the Flushing began at Day 58-60, could only imagine that have helped the excellent colour coming forth. A Purple, but a strong one… really strong like almost Red. Which did later darken.

So far this strain has been pretty easy grow once again, now it’s just fun to shape, poke, prod them to your will. Soon time to enjoy…

Pictures time 

As You can see, I kinda got carried away with trimming her while de-fan leafing. Just looked so symmetrical/tamed/hedge like.. it had to be done.. :I-got-an-idea: In my opinion if this was sitting in someones outdoor garden around other flowery or bushy plants, I would not know it was there. Good trait.

Settled into its Hedge like Trimming okay I think. This was my initial plan, but not done yet! :Crazy:

Here is how the 2 remaining sets of Branches and their Cut above are doing these days. Energy distributed quite evenly. :In-Love:

Here is the graduation of Colour coming on, and Leaves fading from flush over the course of this Update..

Can Promise you Much more Purple’s to come!

Amnesia Stone99 out next… Until then… Puff, Puff, Pass.. :Who-s-the-man:

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