Topped Black Stone Days 40-53

 Strain: Black Stone Fem

  • Indoor
  • Medium: Coco
  • Pot: 3-4Ltr Regular Pot
  • Kind of training: Topped Above 4th Node and Removed 1st Set, Tied Down to edge of pot width
  • Age of the plant: Days 40-53
  • Height of the plant: 9-10.5″
  • Temperature: 25-37*C
  • Relative humidity: 50-87%
  • Lights type and schedule: Shares 360w VIPAR LED 24/0 with another plant
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: CANNA Coco A+B, CANNA PK 13/14, AN Big Bud, AN Bud Candy CalMag+  –  Flood to Waste every 1-2 Days
  • Growth:  Here pictured below is another 2 Weeks, but just the beginning of the fun part… Early Flower-Mid Flower. She is looking real nice now and can tell it is a heavy Indica as there will be 4, very Consistent/Short/Fat/Frosty colas and some minor lower stuff I am thinking of removing them as soon to allow the Main 4 heads to do their own thing and of course early meds and hopefully have a Topped plant with no under growth to show my working. Now that it has been in flower for a while, I’ve maxed my CANNA PK 13/14 at 2ml/L (will drop in late bloom) and now working on raising AN Big Bud. Really starting to put its layer of frost down on the Buds but also a excellent start on the sugar leaves! Also after having a read through previous Blog Updates I realized the plant had worked within what I was asking of it just perfectly, and on time. You can see hints of colour in the Fan Leaves and some nice deep, dark Purple on the older Nug shots :In-Love: Next Update will have her going into full bloom and some incredible purple buds. Stay Tuned! :iPad:
  • Smell: Canna, Stronger Canna, Affy is growing, Dank yet Sweet background, perhaps even light Aniseed already.

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