Topped Amnesia Stone: Harvest points Part I

Topped Amnesia Stone: Harvest points

Good day fellow AFPortalions… Portalarians? kiss Hope all’s well and green in the garden/s.

Recently had to axe my 2 Amnesia Stones, very sad indeed. But I had just started using some backup street hydro so worked out beautifully.

This is the final Update for Amnesia Stone #1, including the last 16 Days and some nicely Dried up and now Curing Nugs.

  • Medium: Coco
  • Pot (size/type): Sexed in 1Ltr – Grown/Flowered in 3-4Ltr Regular Pot
  • Kind of training: Topped Once then Tied Down Throughout grow
  • Age of the plant (harvest points): Days 77 (32 Grams) and day 83 (18.42 Grams). Total weight – 50.42 Grams Dried
  • Height of the plant: Approx 35-45cm
  • Temperature: 28-35*C
  • Relative humidity: 40-60%
  • Lights type and schedule: Shared in a rotation of LED’s – Blackstar 135W – Znet 200W – VIPAR 360W
  • Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: 
  • Nutrifield – Parts A & B
  • Advanced Nutrients – Big Bud, Bud Candy, Bud Factor X
  • CANNA – PK 13/14
  • Fed about 500ml twice a day by the end
  • Flushed multiple days with tap water twice a day
  • Growth: Both have very desirable Heads, Nugs, Trich Coating. And the high.. well, I can see why they call it Amnesia a Me and mate were confused about what we were talking about every few minutes…shareoneThe Structures are quite Sativa, Light but Full, Crisp, Nugs. The undergrowth could perhaps be described as Shaggy but still potent and adds to pile.
  • Easily maintained, strong, branching Veg growth with just some early N Sensitivity in first few couple of weeks you need to mind.
  • Flowering was elegant, generous pace, Beautifully finished heads with Undergrowth having ability to add some substantial weight if left even a mere week.
  • This phenotype was the more Sativa of the 2.
  • Smell: The Veg/Flower Stages were both quite mellow and a good change from Stones usual stinky girls if odor is a factor.
  • But once rubbed, a truly PUNGENT Pine O Clean/Lemon Pledge aroma comes forth! Very pleasant.
  • End of Flowering the Lemon disapeared the Pine O Clean straightened out to a Strong Pine with a Hashy undertone.
  • Dried, the Pine is still dominant but the Hashy undertone has become more prominent.
  • Curing The woodsy element has begun and the Pine/Hashy is becoming deeper, especially in the Vaporizer.
  • Day 77 Cut has got a bit of that Minty/Affy smell when you open the jar. (my Stone99 has a furthered Cured stage of this)
  • As for the Odour Control of Amnesia Stone: I’d say they are into at least Mid-Late if not, Late Bloom for AS#1 already and can say they are quite inoffensive! Have to open the tents front flap and allow the odour to flow out then sure they fill my house LMAO but you can sit in front of them staring and it isn’t nearly like growing Stone Dragons. Rub them and you will smell of Pine O Clean and Lemon Pledge for ages…

Amnesia Stone #1 Cut #1 Day 77 – 10/10/14 – 32 Grams Dried

SOME BIG HEADS, and were still putting out some new hairs and buds but they were flushed, full cloudy trichs. They had run out of life to suck in most of their trim leaves so I chopped.

The SOG in the middle of it has little life in the leaves also but they are starting to put on weight and lots of white hairs. We shall see.

First impression is:

  • Very, very spacey when vaped – very spacey and slightly heavier in a joint I had just now – added some Hash Oil from the SSV Wand just for the hell of itsmile
  • At a low dose rate Euphoric is not the right word, but I would describe it as neutralizing any depressed feelings (changed my mind to happier thoughts and allows me to enjoy the trip)
  • When vaping at higher dose and rate, I have experienced slight visuals in a Euphoric state once, maybe twice (I need to look further into this to be sure)kiss
  • Has plenty of sizable, bulging, frosted Nugs. The nice nugs are crisp as and look dope. Being Sati they of course don’t have that dank, soild-ness to them like Stone Dragon, Affy Dom Moonstone and Stone99. But the A+++ quality sits here in front of me. Blowing my mind…
  • This cross has me questioning which my second favourite is…
  • Very potent as an early sample of an early cut. While working on my tolerance I managed 2 Panic Attacks (little freak out moments) which were amusing, at a later date of course… Looking good for later cuts.
  • The aroma from the Jar, Nugs out of Jar, Cracked Nugs, Ground Nugs all quite pungent now. The Pine O Clean has changed to straight Piney and is now the dominating aroma. No Lemon remain which is a shame.
  • Flavour, hmm… Not too much of it, easy on the in and easy on the out. Slight Piney/Affy on exhale and aftertaste finally reveals some Hashy undertone I’ve spoken of before.
  • Just realized how poor flowing this information is, but typing it as I think of it lol
  • While Vaping pain relief was much higher and the highs “peak” was beyond Bongs. But still has mild effects via smoking.

That took about 40 minutes to type up, hope it made sense rofl

Right now I am VapedAs on some Amnesia Stone#1 Cut #1 – No idea what I was doing earlier, truth be told… I am not sure how I got here.

Wow it’s 4:29 pm shareone

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