The Little Big Micro Grow

Greetings Inhabitants of the plant Earth, welcome to another round of crazy mini marijuana plants!

Today the 12th October 2016 is micro grow go time, beans are in and the cabinet has been fired up!
Once again I will be using the little plastic shot glasses, they are 60ml, the coco takes up 40ml and the rest will be sand then a layer of small stones. (Pictures of some done below.)

The top layers are to stop the Fungus Gnats getting in them, the little gnats are everywhere at the moment, also some crumbled up mozzie dunks were mixed into the coco before it went in the shot glasses as a preventative measure.

The starting strains and count are:
24 x Jem (seed run)
22 x Future 86
20 x Sugarbaker (was 21 but I must have messed up when bean counting)
20 x ThinkDuurty (seed run, looking for color)
8 x Sister Discipline
7 x Amnesia Stone
4 x Stone Dragon
2 x Moonstone
Total: 107

Below are some pictures of the new boards that hold the little cups and some random shots of the grow. Enjoy

the-little-big-micro-grow-15-oct-2016-pic-01 the-little-big-micro-grow-12-oct-2016-pic-02 the-little-big-micro-grow-12-oct-2016-pic-01 the-little-big-micro-grow-11-oct-2016-pic-10 the-little-big-micro-grow-11-oct-2016-pic-09 the-little-big-micro-grow-11-oct-2016-pic-08 the-little-big-micro-grow-11-oct-2016-pic-04 the-little-big-micro-grow-11-oct-2016-pic-03 f05-the-little-big-micro-grow-17-oct-2016-pic-10 f05-the-little-big-micro-grow-17-oct-2016-pic-09 f05-the-little-big-micro-grow-17-oct-2016-pic-06 f05-the-little-big-micro-grow-17-oct-2016-pic-05 f05-the-little-big-micro-grow-17-oct-2016-pic-04 f05-the-little-big-micro-grow-17-oct-2016-pic-03 f05-the-little-big-micro-grow-17-oct-2016-pic-02 f05-the-little-big-micro-grow-17-oct-2016-pic-01

Stay Medicated,
Stunted Mission

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