The Little Big Micro Grow: the beginning of the end!

Greetings Again Pollution Excreters,

So the beginning of the end has arrived and the chopping started, I am well pleased with most of the results :)
There was a few late/slow starters that didn’t like the nutrient strength at the start and got a bit stunted (I consider them stunted, you may not lol) but will still produce a good size nugget or two. I like them to end somewhere between 4in and 6in tall, any smaller I consider it a loss of bud and if they get any bigger they become super hard to keep alive.

Summer is getting a bit stupid here already, we are meant to have four days over 40C during the Christmas period, that is gonna be hard to cope with, I am hoping to have most of the rest cut before then, the seeded ones will need a bit longer but once most are down I can run just one small light in the cab.
I want to make sure that the seeds are nice and ripe, the Jems should be close now as they were done a week before the ThinkDuurty, they look to be large seeds.

14 December 2016, Day 66, the chopping starts!
A mostly picture update with a few notes :)
The plants are color coded with stones.
Blue color stones are “SugarBaker”
Black color stones are “Future 86”
Silver color stones are “Silver Run” :)
White color stones are “MoonStone”….well the stones are sort of white….

Picture time :)

The rest of the micro’s should be down by the end of this week, well I hope they are.

Stay Medicated People,
Stunted Christmas

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