The Green Cracks Week 6

Well it’s time to see how the Green Crack strains are doing lately. First up is the 2 Green Crack x SourD in one pot, both now around 6 weeks into flower and starting the push towards the finish.

Next is the Green Crack plant – she’s around 5 weeks into flower and looking very nice. Shame but it looks like the dusting she got didn’t work – it’s been a couple of weeks and theres No sign of seed.

Next is another Green Crack x SourD only 2-3 weeks into flower and looks like a SourD to me.

And lastly another Green Crack x SourD this one is as old as the girl above but I had her under Veg lighting schedule 20/4 and she started to flower after around 10 weeks.  Strange thing she doesn’t look right either almost looks like a re-veg? Funny type of budding going on too, I’ve now put her with the others under 12/12 to see if that sorts her, stretching like mad now.

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