Tester Interview: VapedAs

Tester Interview: VapedAs


Hey my friends  :Hello: 

It’s a great pleasure to share our conversations with VapedAs – medical cannabis user, tester and friend  :Who-s-the-man: 

How did you come across cannabis as medicine? Did someone recommend it to you or you discover it on your own?

VapedAs: Surprisingly I did not manage to come across cannabis until 19 years old… sheltered life much? Have now been self medicating with it since 19 or 20 years old (now 26). Funny because through school even Stoners thought I was a heavy stoner while having never touched it. Like most others, I came across cannabis first as a recreational thing just on weekends with friends and occasional week days. But it did not take long to realize myself how much better it was making general day life. So switched from buying smaller fun amounts, to buying ounces, then grew to ease off buying an ounce a week, now can grow most of my own smoke most of the time… Which is a nice form of validation in itself. Very therapeutic.

 What kind of medical alignments you are using cannabis for?

Vaped As: Variety to choose from.

s99EpilepsyScored my first 3-4 forms of seizures on my 21st or 22nd birthday and have had varying forms and intensities over the years, rarely severe ones now (KNOCK ON WOOD). It is dosed up with prescription meds but I try to keep a decent level of cannabis in my system as an anti-seizure medication. When levels are low a disorientated/dizzy/unwell/shaking feel hits me which can lead to throw up/pass out/seizures. Cannabis effectively and quickly aids this. Important to remove Stresses quickly as it is also a cause of seizures (quite reminiscent of a really bad panic attack plus some). Also I wrecked my back via a few years of Rendering and approximately 13 years of 10 Pin Bowling. Bowling was worth it, great game and I managed to finish a night of hobbling off with 22 strikes in a row. Should hurt myself before every match) Some day I’ll get back there!

Minor Scoliosis in lower spine.

High level of pain in lower back from deteriorating vertebrae and nerve wrapped around spine being pinched, inclusive of medium Sciatica down left leg.

Insomnia, terrible sleep pattern.

Mid-High Depression

High Anxiety varieties including social (in groups and in public), task management and general 24/7 to the point of nausea.

Mid Nausea

Stomach lining is depleting from medications, which has worsened nausea and creates a starving pain. For instance if I am starving in pain then just ate a tiny bit, feel full but then often I am ill and throw some back up… happens often, sometimes multiple times a day.

Autism Spectrum “Asperger Disorder” (AD/AS)

My conditions changed substantially after my seizures began from no emotion to all these things I cannot hope to understand. Somewhat a different person. Cannabis has been an excellent aided my Symptoms for general day to day living like socializing and non stop Anxiety, Pain Management, especially medical strains being grow and furthered for those benefits.  Often debated whether there is a difference between Asperger’s and High Functioning Autism (HFA) or not. Asperger’s was eliminated in 2013 and replaced by a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder on a severity scale. A lack of demonstrated empathy has a significant impact on aspects of communal living for persons with Asperger syndrome. Individuals with AS experience difficulties in basic elements of social interaction, which may include a failure to develop friendships or to seek shared enjoyments or achievements with others. A lack of social or emotional reciprocity (social give-and-take mechanic), and impaired nonverbal behaviours in areas such as eye contact, facial expression, posture, and gesture.

ms-1What works for you? Do you prefer any method of delivery – vape, smoke, edibles, rubs or any other form?

VapedAs: My preferred intake form is Vaporizing with my 7th Floor Da Buddha, or other house units, then Bongs, joints, Vaping my PAX Ploom portable. I love my fat joints! Enjoyed some edibles, which I have found have good for muscle tension, and some joint/headache pains. Just finished some Biscuits other day, only used trim so they were quite lethargic, especially the mornings after.  Another ounce+ trim left so here’s to future Medibles.

 Is there a special VapedAs recipe?

VapedAs: A friend and I have been using his usual ANZAC Biscuits recipe with my Trim just ground finely and added. Hopefully we will get some butter made soon in his slow cooker but right now just stinks too much. Here’s the recipe.

ANZAC Biscuits

(If you are not using Canna Butter) Once the Melting of Butter and Golden Syrup has begun mix your finely ground herb in while letting it heat on low, then continue on as described. The amount of herb will vary with preferences and potency – trim/herb/hash. I think this run my mate used around an ounce of Amnesia Stone trim. Could eat a few and be fine, a background high heavy user. But DAMN you are tired next morning ha. When I have spare bud will use that to. Tastes great, Canna Butter is the way to go if able . Enjoy a bite of Australian.

How long have you been growing cannabis? How did you start?

VapedAs: Started somewhere between April and June 2012. About 2.5 years ago. Not too long at all. I had germinated and planted some “Bag Seeds” from dealers weed but only grew them to seedlings. Did it for boredom’s sake. Didn’t take it seriously till I had been researching on 2 forums , 1 based upon Autoflowers, which intrigued me as the life cycles almost met my needs at the time. So while I saved some coin for a LED I read all I could on these so called “Autoflowers”. Grabbed some old Purple Jems and Black Dragons and tried my luck with a small CFL and Soil. Nope, Peat Moss/Perlite/Vermiculite… NOPE. All I could do was stunt them and cause dampen off. Then on the edge of giving up in comes our Portal’s own, Stunted to save the day. He helped me make the switch of mediums to straight Coco. Grabbed same brand A+B and Coco to make it easy, only this year did I find a new Coco I like but STILL rockin’ this A+B. Literally learned over the forum, loved the vibe so stuck around doing my logs. Stone and I conversed back and forth more while I was growing some F2 Stone Dragons in my VERY Humid climate and decided he would have me do some Mold Testing on F3 and boy did I, things are quite resilient indeed! After I became a Tester, my small Cab was no longer big enough, invested in a 90x60x90 cm approx. Been working a treat, needs 2×4 inch can-filters just to almost cover odors. Need a second, bigger tent… but don’t we all? Who else has more lights then space to put them? Hehe weed isn’t addictive but LED’s sure are!

 Do you think autoflowering cannabis have good medical properties? What is your experience?

VapedAs: Without a doubt or a moment of hesitation I can say YES they have incredible potential  medical properties. They are much more efficient and pinpoint exact problem areas in health then the “Street Weed”. Photoperiod gear around here, even their best is merely recreational highs with tiredness. I have not tried growing out a nice Photo strain yet, will be interesting to see the difference from the same garden, some loving care. 2015 I plan to see what’s to be had.

Favourite Strains, Colours and Medical: 

Stone Dragon Black for Pain/Sleep/Depression.

Mumbling Dragon Red/Purple for Anxieties/Muscle Tension

Moonstone – Affy phenotype for Pain and Sleep/Sati pheno for Recreation and Mid Pain and Sleep. Both incredible flavours.

I truly enjoy growing all of these beautiful Boutique, Medical strains and has been an honor to do…

 You have lots of experience testing different harvest points. What are your observations? What would you recommend to other medical users?

VapedAs: This is a valuable asset to any grow, especially if you are only growing one plant or just one strain yet need different effects for different times of day. Provides you with slightly-completely different meds, as well as allowing the later cuts to mature out and pack on any remaining weight.

Clear trichomes – Provides you little of the head high lacking most of the potential medical properties. Short/Clear High with momentary Euphoric/Colour Visuals with no hangover. I do not suggest this as a Harvest Point, wait a couple weeks and you will not regret it!

Some Clear – Mostly Cloudy – You will usually find a fuller, longer lasting Clear/Trippy/Euphoric Highs. I’d say Sativas at this age have given me visuals with eyes closed being enjoyable, on occasion too much. Indicas give a Cleaner Euphoric hit compared to more mature cuts becoming more Lethargic.

Trippy/Euphoric/Spacy/Less Clear Highs; Mildly Social; Energetic; Mid Joint Pain Relief; Anti-Depressant; Food for minor Pain Relief.

Indicas – Muscle Tension/Pain/Anti-Anxiety. 

Sativa’s – Enjoyable High so not Depressed but can occasionally cause Anxiety/Uneasiness or panic attacks.

Full Cloudy – This is usually the point before ambering begins and gives the complete effects above and adds more of a heavy stone, occasional minor hangover.

Heavier/Hazy/Less Trippy/Euphoric Highs; 

mdEnergetic up until peak; Excellent all round Pain Relief;

Great Joint Pain Relief; Good Nerve Pain Relief; Anti-Depressant/Anxiety; Mid Muscle Tension; Sleep Aid after higher or longer doses.

However I’ve found some strains/crosses that do not want to Amber and remain frosted full cloudy and have same potent effects as a fully ambered  strain.

Cloudy – Amber – This mix gives the most Well Rounded of Highs from most strains for Recreational and Medical purposes. My Favorite cut time unless I am searching for a specific med. Rarely make it past Cloudy 70%: Amber 30% but does the job. This cut leaves me somewhat hangover. 

HEAVY/Stoney couch-lock/Some Visuals during peaks; Excellent all round Pain Relief; Great Sleep Aid; Great Anti Anxiety/Depression.

Amber – Full benefits of the Medicinal area especially for Insomnia and heavy for the Potheads who like to stare into the distance for hours. Though for Me there is a loss in the Euphoric feel and becomes a more Content Stoned until you just nod off to sleep.

Very Heavy/Couch locked-Passed Out/Distant rather than Spacey.

Excellent all round Pain Relief (This cut or the frosted cloudy strains that don’t change are my Favorite Pain Meds).

 Excellent Sleep Aid.

Excellent Anti-Anxiety/Depressant.

asYou grow on coco. Do you have any beginners’ tips for coco growing? What is the most critical when you grow on coco?

VapedAs: This Medium has no nutrients or additives unless otherwise stated so have your feeds planned out and stuff at the ready to mix up unlike soils. Coco has excellent drainage abilities and allows roots to thrive. More feeding, more uptake, smaller pots, bigger plants often. I feel it is a lot harder to over water, so only really worrying stage is seedling where you should wet your Coco first, then plant seed and just keep the surface of Coco moist perhaps with a spray bottle. Then you are able to lightly bottom feed until it has an established root system to begin top feeding. Quick and easy to flush out a Mix of Nutrients that was incorrect before the plant is overly damaged. This is still a form of Hydro so if things are not right with the Mix Damage can happen fast, death over night.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

VapedAs: I have become accustom to topping autos to contain them and increase yields so shall be release a step by step shortly for any and all interested.

This is a great place, with a great vibe with even greater people. I look to not only to medicate myself but to inform and help select the right strains for friends, members, friend-members alike. I hope to serve this community whether it be Testing, friendly banter or perhaps some day making some of my own crosses!

Stay Green  :The-Incredible-Hulk:


Thank you for your time, my friend  :THANK-YOU:  Looking forward for your insight about topping autoflowers  :Who-s-the-man: 

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