Tester Interview: Musturd

Musturd is one of the top contributors to Autoflower Portal and we decided to use the occasion to introduce him to you. He is a medical cannabis grower.

People see lots of grow updates and recipes from you. How long have you been growing cannabis? How did you start?

SourD Mango

Musturd: As a long time (self Medicating) user. I dabbled in growing outdoors as an after thought for many years mostly bag seed. I enjoy gardening herbs and veggies but was never very good at outdoor cannabis. I really started growing about 3 years ago when I decided to grow indoor Autos to help some family members who I felt were taking risks that I would prefer to assume.

You grow mainly autoflowering cannabis. Is there a specific reason why you prefer it?

Musturd: I guess the main reason is it suits my style. I like to keep 2-3 plants almost ready, 2-3 mid way, 2-3 starting. Perpetual, keep it rolling, droppin and choppin. When I first started this adventure I built a secret grow space in the back of a closet had everything but the seeds before I told the Mississ. Lucky she went along with it. We grew well, we grew together, and autos are just kinda our thing. I will do photos here and then but they seem too easy and I don’t budget big harvests well…

What are the medical conditions you are struggling with? 


Musturd: I grow for others but live with my own aches and pains from a long list of injuries mostly stupid.

Broke both ankles at the same time, actually broke is nice “shattered right heel”… I thought the quickest way to the keg was jump from the 2nd floor.

Then broke right ankle twice more… Good one, while playing darts I fell while someone was standing on my foot. And a car ran over it.

Dislocated R shoulder, broke L collarbone at the same time… Bike chain broke while sprinting. Couldn’t wipe my ass for a couple weeks.

Later tore rotator and labrum R shoulder… Mountain bike crash.

Broke Tailbone… Mountain bike crash.

Missing half of calf muscle… Rolled a sled on an alpine slide dragging my leg across concrete barrier. Scar tissue caused atrophy.

Scratched 50% of cornea… Playing with my new puppy he scratched my eyeball.

Torn meniscus a few scopes… Accumulated injuries, tears and loose debris.

100+ stiches… Shit happens!

5-8 concussions… Cycling, Fists, and hard objects

Twice broke nose… See above.

Oh yea Giardia, beaver fever. Swallowed bad water on a river trip.

Broken Scapula… Doored while commuting on bike.

Cut nerves to left thumb… Broken window, cool bar trick put a cig out on my thumb, can’t feel it but don’t heal well.

I once had to talk the Docs into doing knee surgery and shoulder at the same time because I didn’t want to go through recovery twice.

You are fighting with lots of pain. Are there any strains that have proven to be beneficial for your ailments?

Fem Stone Dragon

Musturd: Seems like alot of injuries but I healed well and my issues pale compare to others. Dragons are a godsend, pain relief, anxiety, insomnia. Rarely is one too strong but thats just a treat. I like the circulatory and respiratory effects of a nice purple.

You have lots of experience in preparing homemade canna medicines. Is there a special Musturd recipe?

Musturd: We make 3 rubs and a canna oil that are staples. Posted at Homemade section. The one that really took off was our MAGiC Rub, Magnesium Chloride in a coconut oil cannabis root rub. Excellent on arthritis and joint pain, effective on muscle spasms and some nerve pain.

Do you test recipes that you have discovered online or do you prefer to improvise and prepare your own?

Musturd: I usually start with an online recipe and tailor it to our needs. Currently trying different essential oils in our rubs. I like to keep the recipe simple and not add anything unless a clear benefit is gained. From every large batch I set aside some base rub to experiment with and usually give free samples, the ones who ask for more can tell me why. Blessed to have a family with an open mind who support and trust what we are doing.

Which parts of the plant can you use for homemade medicines? What is the difference between rubs made of roots, leaves or buds?

Musturd: Great question, I use it all except dead leaves picked off. They go in the compost. Roots and stems go in rubs. Trim and fan stems go to butter or hash. I prefer to use only bud for oils and extracts for medicinal use so as to insure consistency and high potency.

You are very lucky to have a wife who shares your interests. Is Mississ a medical grower as well? 

Mississ Moonstones

Musturd: I know lots of couples he does his thing she does hers it works for them. Mississ and I do lots of stuff together works for us. She was very good with African Violets and grows her own way. Diagnosed at high cancer risk she underwent invasive surgery. We both believe strongly in the medicinal sometimes miracilous properties of cannabis. She runs her own tent and and has been very successful doing it her own way.

Based on your experience what would you recommend to new medical users who have decided to start growing cannabis? Do you have any grow tips for beginners?

Musturd: There are many successful ways to grow cannabis. Do your homework, find which is best for you and study, have a plan. Don’t panic, Be Patient.

 Is there anything more you would like to share with us? 

Musturd: I would like to thank the private and VA doctors who have put me back together…

Oh and the Mississ for sticking by those vows, better or worse, sickness and health. Haha!

If your gonna be stupid you gotta be tough.

Thanks for the opportunity to share a little. Grow Well!

Thank you, Musturd and Mississ, for your valuable contribution to Autoflower Portal.shareone

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