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Turd World Update July 2015

Cheers Canna Fans, Stone Dragon regs Multi-potted. 9 of 10 came up most are 11 days old. Older stock no F3’s… Moonstone Amnesia 41cm at 27 days…Some early tip burns easy cowboy… :Worry: Mumbling Dragon 57cm at 41 days… Not a single cola but tight sides with a nice footprint… Double Dragon same specs as […]

Yoda’s Dragon Breath F3 Day 56-78

Yoda’s Dragon Breath F3 Update 7 March 2015 Indoor Medium: coco Pot (size/type): 3 gal Kind of training (if any): super cropped Age of the plant (days or weeks): Day 56-78 Height of the plant: she has got to be close to 2.5′ aprox Temperature: 73-80 F Relative humidity: 15-20% Lights type and schedule (for indoor): […]

Yoda’s Dragon Breath F3

Yoda’s Dragon Breath F3 13 Jan Greetings all!  It seems like its been forever… Life sometimes can throw some crap at you and set you back, as they say when it rains it pours, well for now I am holding on tight to my umbrella and decided that life always seems better when I have […]

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