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Stone’s Collection: New Projects Part II


Stone’s Collection: New Projects Part II  Good evening, my dear friends  :Hello:  Today I will show you something I made while I was testing HighRise autos  and grew  Ghaze99 for the second time. Stone99 Genetics: Ghaze99 x Black Stone  First test Stone99 I was pleasantly surprised by the results. First test girl gave me about […]

Strain Review by Eyes on Fire: Stone99

Grower’s name: Eyes on Fire Strain: Stone99 Breeder: Stone Indoor: 5X5 Gorilla Tent w/ Diamond Mylar linking.Flat white grow table Medium: Soil-TLO  Mix.2.1 Master Soil Recipe Designed by the Rev.Used his mellow mix for seedlings cut by 60% with Jiyy’s Seedling organic mix… Its now a fantastic seedling mix for photos and Autos alike. Nutrients: […]

Gallery: Stone99, Moonstone and Stone Dragon

The Macro Show: Stone99, Moonstone and Stone Dragon Test Run #1 Vivitar Series #1 Macro stackable Lenses 1-2-4-10X First go.  Stone99/Stone Dragon/Moonstone… in that order I do believe. Enjoy.

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