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Rainbow Moonstone HARVEST

Hey Hey my friends!! The time has come for my harvest update. Its been 9 weeks since this girl broke surface and declared Day 1, and it has been a hell of a ride! I’ve done a ton of careless mistakes throughout the grow but I am still learning and dialling in my grow space […]

Stunted Timelapse

Greetings Earth dwellers, Today I found a folder full of pictures that I was planning on turning into a timelapse video, I have now completed it and hopefully the video works… If this works out I may do some more in the future. Stay Medicated Earthlings, Stunted Movie :Superman:

3×3: Fairy Frost, Sour Mango, Nashira – 4 weeks

Greetings Mortals, My new 3×3 Feminized grow was started a little while ago and its all Feminized seeds, 9 of them. (Now looking back I should have grown 5 or maybe even 7; 9 plants in the cab is a bit crowded!) Back to using my smaller black square pots… no micros for a long […]

Ruby x4 – 38 days

Ruby’s Indoor: 4 x 4 x 7 tent Medium: Roots Organic Soil amended with Roots Elemental and worm castings Pot (size/type): 3 Gallon tiered in a 20 oz cup Age: 38 Days Size: 36 – 40 cm Temperature: 70-82 F Relative Humidity: 20% Lights type and schedule: Close to 3 x 40 watt 6500k CFL, […]

Mega Micro Madness – November 2015 part 1

[responsivevoice_button]` Mega Micro Madness – November 2015 part 1 Greetings faecal excreters, The end is in sight now and that pleases me greatly! 10th Nov 2015 Two pics of all the plants out of the cabinet, my micro forest :) 12th Nov 2015 Three plants chopped, one Moonstone Amnesia and two Silver Run 13th Nov […]

Strain Review by Musturd: Amnesia Stone

Strain Review by Musturd: Amnesia Stone Grower’s name: Musturd Strain: Amnesia Stone Breeder: Stone   Indoor: 4x4x7 tent Medium: Roots Original Organic Soil, with Roots Elemental Nutrients: SeaGrow AP, Bloom and Hawiian Bud. Roots Ancient Amber, Trinity, Surge, HPK. Botonicare Cal-Mag+ Lights (indoor): 600w HPS and 3x40w 6500k CFL. 18/6 From Seed: 74 days Harvest […]

Green Crack Automated Project

Green Crack Automated Poor GC Clones are not have the best of times lately. Little catch up required. Ok Green Crack pheno I have been running for a while now is a fast finishing photoperiod, flowering is finished under in 60 days, from that period the plant begins to shut down (die). Stems get limp, […]

Green Crack Automated: Update

Green Crack Automated: Update Dropping by with a progress report on the 2 seed Green crack project girls… Lets get this update started with the GC girl dusted with Stone Jack pollen… Today is her 6th week of 12/12 so just a couple of more weeks to go till shes done, but i will give […]

Green Crack Automated! Dragon Style

Howdy Folks, Just another glimpse into my canna world. Here we have a very fine Green Crack photoperiod. All pics here are of one plant she`s now 5 weeks into 12/12 and see 3rd generation clone from an original plant grown from seed by myself. She`s a fast mover and is ready to harvest around […]

Mississ Moonstones Day 60-83

Moonstones Indoor Grow Medium: Soil Pot (size/type): 1.5 Gallon airpots Age: 83 @ 25″, 72 @ 25″, 60 @ 30″ Temperature: 80-84 F / 26-28 C Relative Humidity: 50% Lights type and schedule: 4X4 T5 mixed spectrum and a Blackstar 180 UV Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: Sea Grow, and Botonicare Cal mag +. Growth: Frosty […]

Strain Review by Eyes on Fire: Moonstone

Strain Review: Moonstone  First generation test grow (May-July 2014) Grower’s name: Eyes on Fire Strain: Moonstone Breeder: Stone Indoor: Gorilla 5x5x7′ grow tent with Diamond Mylar lining Medium: Soil. 2.1 Master Soil TLO Recipe designed by the Rev along with his Mellow Mix Seedling mix Nutrients: Aerated Compost Teas (ACT’s) and basic soup styled feedings with Cal-Mag (Equilibrium), Organic Liquid, Kelp […]

Black Stone day 69

Black Stone  Indoor Medium: Soil Pot (size/type): 3 Gallon Age: 69 Days Temperature:  80-84 F / 26-28 C Relative Humidity: 50% Lights type and schedule: Close to 40 watt 6500k CFL, under a 600 watt hps 18/6 Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: Sea Grow, From Roots Organics, Ancient Amber, Trinity, Surge, HPK and Botonicare Cal mag +. Currently water only […]

Duggy Style: Moonstone Day 65

Moonstone Day 65 Indoor/Outdoor: Tent Indoor Medium (hydro/soil/coco); Coco/Perlite Pot (size/type): 2L recently inserted into 15L Autopot ( shared with Stone Dragon) to allow feeding while on holiday. Kind of training (if any): None Age of the plant (days or weeks): 65 Days Temperature: 22-29 C Relative humidity: 45-58% Lights type and schedule (for indoor): 100w LED & 95W 6500K cfl Nutrients and […]

Yoda grow: Moonstone Day 60

Howdy guys! Sorry haven’t been around the past week.  A family member had some serious surgery and has been laid up and I’ve been tending to them.(all is well just a long road) I’m getting closer every day to having my grow room cleaned out and new genetics hopefully to start in July (though we […]

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