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Strain review by HashMaster: Stone Dragon

Strain: Stone Dragon Grower Name: HashMaster Medium: Inert Peat Nutrients: AN Sensi Bloom A&B Lights type and schedule (indoor): Digital Dimmable HID 18/6 Days from Seed: Took plants at 70, 80, 90, and 105 days Harvest Points: One of the great things about Stone’s gear is you can get entirely different medicinal effects depending on […]

Strain review by Discretepete2676: Stone Dragon

Strain: Stone Dragon Grower Name: Discretepete2676 Breeder: Stone Medium: Soilless Nutrients: Advanced nutrients Lights type and schedule (indoor): Amare technologies LED Days from Seed: 71 Harvest Points: Harvest was quick and easy with an awesome bud to leaf ratio. The awesome terps helped it go by Nicely too! Dry Yield: 62 grams Growth Comments: Growing […]

Strain review by MediScrogs: Stone Dragon

Strain: Stone Dragon Grower Name: MediScrogs Breeder: Stone Medium: Oregon’s Only #4 mix, amended with KIS Organics Nutrient Pack @ approx. 25% strength Nutrients: BioBizz- Fishmix and Bloom. Nectar For The Gods- Herculean Harvest (bone meal), Zeus Juice (humic/fulvic/kelp), Demeter’s Destiny (calcium), Aphrodite’s Extraction (sugars), Great White Mycorrhyzae, Silica Blast Lights type and schedule: 24hr leds, […]

The Little Big Micro Grow

Greetings Inhabitants of the plant Earth, welcome to another round of crazy mini marijuana plants! Today the 12th October 2016 is micro grow go time, beans are in and the cabinet has been fired up! Once again I will be using the little plastic shot glasses, they are 60ml, the coco takes up 40ml and […]

Autoflower Portal 420

PORTAL 420  Starts 18 April 14:30 pm – ends 22 April 14:30 pm UK time.  Hey, my friends. It’s that time of the year again when everyone is looking for good 420 deals to save on seeds in a long term. Look no more and stop here to find the best deal. This years Autoflower Portal […]

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