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Strain review by Fettled6: Spiritwalker

Strain: Spiritwalker Grower Name: fettled6 Medium: Hydroton Nutrients: GH FloraNova Bloom only, Floralichious, Nf Bud Burst, Sensitive Pro BioDiesel, 420mycco, mammoth P & Optic Foliar Lights type and schedule (indoor): 860w CMH @ 18/6 Days from Seed: 78 Dry Yield (grams): 252g Growth Comments: This girl ruled the tent, topped at 4th node at approx […]

Strain review by FullyAutomatic: Spiritwalker

Strain: Spiritwalker Grower Name: Fullyautomatic Indoor Medium: Tropic Batmix 70 % coco 30 %soil Nutrients: Biobizz grow and bloom, Shogun CalMag Lights type and schedule (indoor): Autocob 55w cobs x2, 24hrs from seed. Days from Seed: 91 Harvest Points: 80 days for finished uppers, 91 days for the lowers finishing up. Dry Yield (grams): 33g […]

Strain review by Gatorbackbob: Spiritwalker

Strain: Spiritwalker Grower Name: Gatorbackbob Medium: Roots organics with mephisto super soil and insect frass Nutrients: Mega crop dry nutes, molasses, recharge, humic acid Lights type and schedule (indoor): 44w cob led 20/4 Days from Seed: 70 Harvest Points: Harvested entire plant Dry Yield (grams): 11 from a 1 liter pot Growth Comments: She’s very […]

Strain review by Legend: Spiritwalker

Strain: Spiritwalker Grower Name: Legend Medium: Solo Cup Promix HP Nutrients: General Hydro Grow and Bloom Lights type and schedule (indoor): 20/4 Days from Seed: 75-77 Days Harvest Points: Harvested the Top about five days prior to the rest of the plant. I was going to allow the rest to go longer but spilled some dirt […]

Strain review by 912Greenskell: Spiritwalker

Strain: Spiritwalker Grower Name: 912greenskell Medium: Promix HP Nutrients: Green Planet Grow Fuel, Bloom Fuel, ProCal, Terpinator, Massive, Liquid w-8 Lights type and schedule (indoor): 24/0 under 100X3w galaxyhydro/popular grow LED Days from Seed: 85 Harvest Points: Chopped at 15% amber Dry Yield (grams): 72 Growth Comments: She grew great…this plant was root restricted stunted […]

Strain review by Chillfred: Spiritwalker

Strain: Spiritwalker Grower Name: ChillFred Medium: Biobizz lightmix +30% coco +30% perlite Nutrients: Biotabs + teas Lights type and schedule (indoor): 18/6 LED Days from Seed: 80 days Harvest Points: Buds were rock hard, took her when trichs had just started to turn. Probably about 5-10% amber Dry Yield (grams): 46 Growth Comments: Her pot […]

Strain review by Frank the Tank: Spiritwalker

Strain: Spiritwalker Grower Name: Frank the Tank Medium: Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend Nutrients: General Organics GO Box Lights type and schedule (indoor): Mars II 1200 24/0 Days from Seed: 56, 63, 72 Harvest Points: The day 56 cut is a very energetic and uplifting high, while the day 72 cut is better for […]

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