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Mega Micro Madness: Watering Joy

Greetings planet polluters, The Mega Micro Madness continues but sometimes (most of the time actually) I wish it would end… I spend a stupid amount of time fixing and watering and the worst is still to come! First up is some of Rebels creations, six Silver Run and 2 Sister Discipline, they would be going […]

Mega Micro Madness – SourD chop

Greetings Sentient Beings of the planet Earth, Well I finally got around to cutting the SourD’s, one purple and one green, they are both very nice looking mini trees. They have been flowering since the 7th June 2015, so about 12 1/2 weeks :) First a picture from 22 June 2015 and one from the […]

Mega Micro Madness: The Chop

Greetings tree killers, The time has come to end the lives of the older ones as I need the space for more. Every one of the plants is rock hard and very frosty, trimming was as easy as it gets, snip snip done. Most plants when grown this way end up as a bud on […]

Mega Micro Madness… continues! – part II

Greetings Pole Melters, It has been way to long since I fixed a post up….my bad! Anyhow things have started to go reasonably well with the newer ones, the PH has been a nightmare swinging all over the place…mostly too high (me and the PH) so over the last week or two I have been […]

Mega Micro Madness Mayhem

Greetings planet folk, Well my Mega Micro Madness grow has not really gone to plan, it’s more like Mega Micro Madness Mayhem, it’s hard to grow good when one has a care factor of zero lol. I am very disappointed in my lack of effort and will be spanking myself for it, I have now […]

Autoflower Portal Strains Catalog 2015

My dear friends, today we entered our second year. It’s been a year of our work here and now the time for Autoflower Portal Strains Catalog has come. Catalog with feedback from all of you – friends, testers, med users, customers and stoners  :Happy-Grin:  Priceless feedback.    Feel free to share it. And of course Autoflower […]

The Sour adventure ends

Greetings planet decimating hominids, Firstly a big thank you to N.W. for giving me the opportunity to abuse some of his excellent creations, out of SourD, Sour Lemon, Sour Blueberry, Sour Caramel and SourD Mango that was grown the SourD is my favorite with the SourD Mango coming in a close second! Finally I have […]

The Green Cracks Week 6

Well it’s time to see how the Green Crack strains are doing lately. First up is the 2 Green Crack x SourD in one pot, both now around 6 weeks into flower and starting the push towards the finish. Next is the Green Crack plant – she’s around 5 weeks into flower and looking very […]

N.W’s Collection by Cocha

N.W’s Collection by Cocha Hey all. Sorry for the lack of updates, I wanted to know these new girls where doing ok before posting and it’s still kinda touch and go but they may well turn out great so here we go. In the tent are 7 of N. W’s SourD and SourD Mango – […]

SourD-2… Terminated!

Greetings Portal People, 27th Feb 2015, Day 65 (9weeks +1day) What I was trying to prevent has happened, MOLD/ROT, it was always going to happen it was just a matter of “when”… and that is now sadly. It was found while I was inspecting some macro shots taken during the afternoon flood, since I was expecting […]

The SourD adventure continues!

Greetings Walking Trash Generators, As you can tell in the pictures below every plant except SourD-2 has been defoliated as I attempt to get some better airflow happening, it also allows more light to reach SourD-2 which is where most of my meds will be coming from. The other plants will not yeild anywhere near […]

Stunted Stays Sour… D

Greetings Earthlings, So another week screams by and all of a sudden we are on Day 58 (8 Weeks+2 Days), some look better than others. Most of the light is directed at SourD-2 with the others living in it’s shadow :) There has been a little bit of shaping done and re-done, bit of lollypop, […]

Cocha’s Garden: SourD and SourD Mango Day 59

Cocha’s Garden: SourD and SourD Mango Morning folks These girls are seeded and 59 days old now (wow that went fast). They were hit with pollen a week or so ago and seem very happy about it. The plan was just the Mango’s get the pollen but I live in a small place & looks like […]

Stunted Sour Journey Continues

Greetings Earth infestation, Strain: SourD, SourD Mango, Sour Lemon, Sour Caramel, Sour Blueberry Indoor Medium: Coco Pot (size/type): 1.8 Ltr Kind of training (if any): None yet Age of the plant (days or weeks): 7 weeks + 1 day (50 Days) Height of the plant: See below Temperature: 26-30 C Relative humidity: 50%+ Lights type […]

Cocha’s Garden: SourD and Sour Mango Day 40

Cocha’s Garden: SourD and Sour Mango Medium: Bad garden center soil Pot (size/type): 6 ltr airpots Kind of training (if any): none Age of the plant: 40 days Height of the plants: SourD Mango = 45-50 CM  / SourD = 20CM Temperature: 72-78 F Relative humidity: 50-60% Lights type and schedule: GN-HS1 20/4 Nutrients and […]

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