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Autoflowering cannabis: flowering hypothesis and growth conditions

This part of the research is dedicated to flowering mechanisms and growth conditions of autoflowering cannabis. What are the morphological stages of development in autoflowering cannabis? Here we can review the available information for one of the famous autoflowering Cannabis Sativa L strains – Finola, according to the producer [1]. Emergence of seedlings 5-7 days […]

Cannabis Sativa L: Sex differentiation

Cannabis Sativa L: Sex differentiation This part of the research is dedicated to scientific data on cannabis sex differentiation. Sex determination Cannabis Sativa L are dioecious species, which mean that there are male and female plants. Only 7% of all known to us plants are dioeious and sex is determined by X and Y chromosomes. […]

Research: Origin of Autoflowering Cannabis

 Research: Origin of Autoflowering Cannabis One of the most common myths about cannabis is that it is not studied because it is illegal. Well, this is not entirely correct. Although cannabis species that produce high amount of THC are indeed illegal in lots of countries and probably not studied as much, there is a substantial […]

Cannabinoids in Commercial Cannabis Oils Stored Long Term

Identification and Determination of Cannabinoids in both Commercially Available and Cannabis Oils Stored Long Term I came across an interesting article from Japanese team, published in Journal of Health Science (2005). They have used thin-layer chromatography and capillary gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to examine 2 commercially available Cannabis sativa L. oils, which are sold in Japan. […]

Chemistry and Analysis of Cannabis Terpenes

Chemistry and Analysis of Cannabis Terpenes This is a short review based on Rudolf Brenneisen’s book “Chemistry and Analysis of Phytocannabinoids and Other Cannabis Constituents” and other resources. According to the author more than 483 compounds were identified in cannabis plant, of which more than 60 cannabinoids. So far at least 66 cannabinoids have been […]

Healing with Terpenes – Cannabis Aromatherapy

Terpenes. A word you may have seen used more and more over recent years, but what exactly are terpenes? Have you ever wondered how the strain Blue Dream can smell so similar to fresh blueberry doughnuts?  Or how a sniff of the K.O. Kali-O seems to burst with citrus just like a California Orange?  Yes, it […]

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