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Strain review by HashMaster: Black Rainbow mix

Strain: Black Rainbow Mix Grower Name: HashMaster Medium: Recycled Inert Peat Nutrients: AN Lights type and schedule (indoor): 18/6 Digital Dimmable HID Days from Seed: Sample and pick the effects you desire Harvest Points: The beauty of these top shelf med strains is that you can start sampling around day 60 for daytime meds or […]

Strain review by Tony: Rainbow Moonstone

Strain: Rainbow Moonstone Grower Name: Tony Medium: Ffhf Nutrients: Ff trio Lights type and schedule: Mars hydro reflector 5w Days from Seed: 74 Harvest Points: Was cut at 74 days plant was yella and looking ragged but solid buds on her.. Put outside last week of flower in cold weather and stuck┬áher up. Little plant […]

Strain review by MediScrogs: Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone day 60

Strain: Rainbow Moonstone Grower Name: MediScrogs Medium: Oregon’s Only soilmix #4 (a light mix, peat/coco based Nutrients: KIS Organics water only soil for final planter, cut to 90% strength Lights type and schedule: 3 basic style LED panels. 24/0 until about day 32, then 18/6 Days from Seed: 77 days Harvest Points: harvested cuts at […]

Strain review by ChillFred: Rainbow Moonstone

Strain: Rainbow Moonstone Grower Name: ChillFred Medium: Coco/Soil Nutrients: Advanced Nutrients Lights type and schedule: 18/6 LED Days from Seed: 64 Harvest Points: Harvested at 64 days was a bit early. Should have waited another 10 days or so. Dry Yield: 58 grams Growth Comments: Vigorous girl up until she stopped growing at day 32 […]

Rainbow Moonstone HARVEST

Hey Hey my friends!! The time has come for my harvest update. Its been 9 weeks since this girl broke surface and declared Day 1, and it has been a hell of a ride! I’ve done a ton of careless mistakes throughout the grow but I am still learning and dialling in my grow space […]

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