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Strain review by 912GreenSkell: Nashira

Strain: Nashira Grower Name: 912GreenSkell Outdoor Medium: Promix to start then in the ground natural sand/loam base Nutrients: 1/4 cup of lime, 1 shovel full horse manure, Green PLante Bloom Fuel, Green PLanet procal, Green PLanet Massive, Green PLanet Terpinator, Green PLanet Liquid W-8 Lights type and schedule (indoor): 20 days under 100X3w leds. 24 hour […]

Strain review by Frankthetank: Nashira

Strain: Nashira Grower Name: Frankthetank Medium: Coast of Maine Barharbor Blend soil Nutrients: General Organics GO Box Lights type and schedule (indoor): Mars Hydro 1200 24/0 Days from Seed: 72 Harvest Points: I harvested the whole plant when all trichomes were cloudy, with zero amber. Dry Yield (grams): 70 grams Growth Comments: Nashira was a […]

Strain review by Tony: Nashira

Strain: Nashira Grower Name: Tony Medium: Fox farm happy frog Nutrients: Fox farm trio cal mag molasses Lights type and schedule: Mars hydro reflector, 18/6 Days from Seed: 78 Harvest Points: Plant was nice and green throughout grow… Dry Yield: 42 grams Growth Comments: Plant grew with no difficulties. Was fun hassle free grow. Like it’s […]

Topped Nashira and Fairy Frost Begins Days 1-14

Here we are again, starting another Topped adventure, getting to play with the Fairy Frost and the Nashira, both of which I can see enjoying some topping and bondage. To see who is up for filling most of my paper bags and jars this run, Stick Around! This post includes the first session of Topping so […]

Strain Review by Rusty: Nashira

Strain: Narshira Grower Name: Rusty Breeder: NW Medium: 3 parts bio bizz light mix to 1 part perlit Nutrients: Bio bizz grow, bloom, Root juice, Alg-a-mag, cal/mag and some ph down Lights type and schedule: 24hrs or 20 on 4 off depending on temps Days from Seed: 8-9 weeks I think Harvest Points: Was a nice […]

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