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The Little Big Micro Grow: the beginning of the end!

Greetings Again Pollution Excreters, So the beginning of the end has arrived and the chopping started, I am well pleased with most of the results :) There was a few late/slow starters that didn’t like the nutrient strength at the start and got a bit stunted (I consider them stunted, you may not lol) but […]

The Little Big Micro Grow: time for sex

Greetings Earth Walkers, Sorry for all the red, didn’t realize it was so powerful lol. So, I have been slacking a little with the updates recently since I have to water every 5 minutes. We are well into the sexing phase and the M/F ratio is nearly 50/50 so can’t really complain about that, the […]

The Little Big Micro Grow

Greetings Inhabitants of the plant Earth, welcome to another round of crazy mini marijuana plants! Today the 12th October 2016 is micro grow go time, beans are in and the cabinet has been fired up! Once again I will be using the little plastic shot glasses, they are 60ml, the coco takes up 40ml and […]

Shades of black: Moonstone and Black Stone April 2016

Hey my friends, Long time no show  :Elvis: I am really sorry for the absence, almost a year :Pondering:  You know life gets busy but it’s not an excuse to skip repeatedly the main reason Autoflower Portal was created – to grow and show our girls, to share how they treat us and enjoying to […]

Autoflower Portal 420

PORTAL 420  Starts 18 April 14:30 pm – ends 22 April 14:30 pm UK time.  Hey, my friends. It’s that time of the year again when everyone is looking for good 420 deals to save on seeds in a long term. Look no more and stop here to find the best deal. This years Autoflower Portal […]

Gift Shop: Easter Sale 21-31 March 2016

Easter Sale (21-31 March 2016) 20 FREE SEEDS WITH EVERY ORDER up to £100 30 FREE SEEDS WITH ORDERS £100-300 40 FREE SEEDS WITH ORDERS £300+ We reserve the right to surprise you with extra exclusive freebies. Check out our current freebie selection 15% OFF Regular Seeds  SAVE 15% OF REGULAR SEEDS Portal Fem Bundle 33% […]

Mega Micro Madness 25th Sept

[responsivevoice_button]` Greetings organism’s infesting the planet known as Earth, Well I have been slacking on the updates a lot recently, I blame all the watering I now have to do… all day! Anyhow stiff shit and moving right along… 20th Aug 2015, many many seeds were put into Coco, 87 Amnesia Stone, 41 MoonStone Amnesia […]

Strain Review by AKsteel: Moonstone

Strain: MoonstoneGrower Name: AKsteelBreeder: StoneIndoor Medium: Promix HDNutrients: Advanced Nutrients Grow A&B, Bloom A&B, voodoo juice, cal/mag, B-52, big bud, bud candy, bud factor X, and overdrive.Lights type and schedule: Mars-Hydro Reflective series 96×3. 24/0Days from Seed: 80 daysHarvest Points: Harvested both of my moonstones at mostly cloudy trichomes on day 80. No amber at […]

Autoflower Portal Strains Catalog 2015

My dear friends, today we entered our second year. It’s been a year of our work here and now the time for Autoflower Portal Strains Catalog has come. Catalog with feedback from all of you – friends, testers, med users, customers and stoners  :Happy-Grin:  Priceless feedback.    Feel free to share it. And of course Autoflower […]

Topped Moonstone Days 42-60

 Moonstone Indoor Medium: Coco Pot: 3-4Ltr Regular Pot Kind of training: Topped Above 4th Node and Removed 1st Set, Tied Down. Age of the plant: Days 42-60 Height of the plant: 11″ Temperature: 27.5-33*C Relative humidity: 70-87% Lights type and schedule: Shares an 8 Module  360w VIPAR LED 24/0 between 4 Plants Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: CANNA Coco A+B, […]

Early Meds To Be: Moonstone and Moonstone Amnesia – Spares

Don’t you love it when you score more Female’s than first intended? I do… Makes for some extra Meds and when left in small pots, usually faster Meds! From spare plants in 500 ml pots I hope for 7-14 grams so let us see how they go. Personally this round I’m just aiming for faster […]

Strain Review by Medi: Moonstone

Strain Review by Medi: Moonstone Strain: Moonstone Grower Name: Medi Breeder: Stone Indoor Medium: True Living Organics Nutrients: Actively Aerated Compost Teas Lights type and schedule: MarsHydro Reflector series (3w x 96 diodes) 18/6 Days from Seed: 70 days Harvest Points: Harvested at cloudy for daytime meds. Dry Yield: 24 grams Growth Comments: Growth was […]

Topped Moonstone and Moonstone Amnesia Day 1-40

Greets my Portal People! Here with me this Blog is the 2 bigger girls in tent. Another of Stone’s new crosses, the Moonstone Amnesia, loved both of these so combined am aching to break some up and throw in the vaporizer. About half way through grow now and mouth is starting to salivate… As well as one of my […]

Medi’s Grow: Moonstone Day 70

Medi’s Grow: Moonstone  Medium: True Living Organics Pot (size/type): 3 gallon nursery pot Kind of training (if any): Mild LST Age of the plant (days or weeks): Taking it today on the 70th day. Height of the plant: 43cm / 17″ Temperature: 70-78 F/22-25 C Relative humidity: 45%-53% Lights type and schedule: MarsHydro Reflector 96 diodes X 3w (190w draw) […]

Medi’s Grow: Moonstone Day 64

Medi’s Grow: Moonstone  Medium: True Living Organics Pot (size/type): 3 gallon nursery pot Kind of training (if any): Mild LST Age of the plant (days or weeks): 64 days Height of the plant: 43cm / 17″ Temperature: 71-75 F/22-25 C Relative humidity: 40%-48% Lights type and schedule: MarsHydro Reflector 96 diodes X 3w (190w draw) @ 18/6 Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: […]

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