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Autoflower Portal 420

PORTAL 420  Starts 18 April 14:30 pm – ends 22 April 14:30 pm UK time.  Hey, my friends. It’s that time of the year again when everyone is looking for good 420 deals to save on seeds in a long term. Look no more and stop here to find the best deal. This years Autoflower Portal […]

Gift Shop: Easter Sale 21-31 March 2016

Easter Sale (21-31 March 2016) 20 FREE SEEDS WITH EVERY ORDER up to £100 30 FREE SEEDS WITH ORDERS £100-300 40 FREE SEEDS WITH ORDERS £300+ We reserve the right to surprise you with extra exclusive freebies. Check out our current freebie selection 15% OFF Regular Seeds  SAVE 15% OF REGULAR SEEDS Portal Fem Bundle 33% […]

Strain Review by Pyrokev: Moonstone Amnesia

Strain: Moonstone Amnesia Grower Name: Pyrokev Breeder: Stone Medium: FoxFarms ocean forest Nutrients: FoxFarms Lights type and schedule: LEDS 20/4 Harvest Points: I harvested at 14 weeks when most of the trich’s were nice and ambered. I also harvested this in 2 stages, to allow the lower buds to fatten up. Dry Yield: 108 grams Growth […]

Mega Micro Madness November Part 2:The chop

[responsivevoice_button] Mega Micro Madness, November Part 2, The chop Greetings Portal Peeps, 19th November 2015 Today is the day that most will die, the heat and humidity is off the charts and I cannot risk having moldy buds! 29 Amnesia Stone (Breeder:Stone) need to be chopped, lucky I have spent some time preparing for this […]

Mega Micro Madness – November 2015 part 1

[responsivevoice_button]` Mega Micro Madness – November 2015 part 1 Greetings faecal excreters, The end is in sight now and that pleases me greatly! 10th Nov 2015 Two pics of all the plants out of the cabinet, my micro forest :) 12th Nov 2015 Three plants chopped, one Moonstone Amnesia and two Silver Run 13th Nov […]

Mega Micro Madness: Watering Joy

Greetings planet polluters, The Mega Micro Madness continues but sometimes (most of the time actually) I wish it would end… I spend a stupid amount of time fixing and watering and the worst is still to come! First up is some of Rebels creations, six Silver Run and 2 Sister Discipline, they would be going […]

Strain Review by VapedAs: Moonstone Amnesia

Strain Review: Moonstone Amnesia Grower Name: VapedAs Breeder: Stone The Smell: Sandalwood, Ammonia, Haze, Earthy, Floral, Pine, Musk, Spice, Leather, Eucalyptus, Hazelnut, Lavender, Incense, Woody The Smoke: The smoke on this cross has been a potent inhale, not overly expanding but hits the lungs as a hashy plant should but with a slightly personalised something […]

Turd World Update July 2015

Cheers Canna Fans, Stone Dragon regs Multi-potted. 9 of 10 came up most are 11 days old. Older stock no F3’s… Moonstone Amnesia 41cm at 27 days…Some early tip burns easy cowboy… :Worry: Mumbling Dragon 57cm at 41 days… Not a single cola but tight sides with a nice footprint… Double Dragon same specs as […]

Mega Micro Madness… continues! – part II

Greetings Pole Melters, It has been way to long since I fixed a post up….my bad! Anyhow things have started to go reasonably well with the newer ones, the PH has been a nightmare swinging all over the place…mostly too high (me and the PH) so over the last week or two I have been […]

Mega Micro Madness Mayhem

Greetings planet folk, Well my Mega Micro Madness grow has not really gone to plan, it’s more like Mega Micro Madness Mayhem, it’s hard to grow good when one has a care factor of zero lol. I am very disappointed in my lack of effort and will be spanking myself for it, I have now […]

Topped Moonstone Amnesia Days 43-59

 Strain: Moonstone Amnesia Indoor Medium: Coco Pot: 3-4Ltr Regular Pot Kind of training: Topped Above 4th Node and Removed 1st Set, Tied Down. Age of the plant: Days -59 Height of the plant: 11″ Temperature: 27.5-33*C Relative humidity: 70-87% Lights type and schedule: Shares an 8 Module  360w VIPAR LED 24/0 between 4 Plants Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: […]

Early Meds To Be: Moonstone and Moonstone Amnesia – Spares

Don’t you love it when you score more Female’s than first intended? I do… Makes for some extra Meds and when left in small pots, usually faster Meds! From spare plants in 500 ml pots I hope for 7-14 grams so let us see how they go. Personally this round I’m just aiming for faster […]

Cocha’s Garden is full: SourD Mango and Moonstone Amnesia

Woson buds A combined blog with NW’s SourD Mangos in DWC x3 and Stone’s Moonstone Amnesia in 10 L airpot x2 . SourD Mango x3 Age of the plant: 47 days Height of the plant: 1 meter & the shorter girls are around 70cm Temperature: 77 F Relative humidity: 55% Lights type and schedule: GN Holographic […]

Topped Moonstone and Moonstone Amnesia Day 1-40

Greets my Portal People! Here with me this Blog is the 2 bigger girls in tent. Another of Stone’s new crosses, the Moonstone Amnesia, loved both of these so combined am aching to break some up and throw in the vaporizer. About half way through grow now and mouth is starting to salivate… As well as one of my […]

Cocha’s Garden: Moonstone Amnesia day 28

Moonstone Amnesia day 28 Good day folks. The new Moonstone Amnesia x2 have sexed & looking fine indeed. Some of the fittest autos I’ve had in soil I think. Both sharing a 10L airpot & I kinda wish they had their own but the tent’s pretty stuffed anyway, all good. Age of the plant: 28 […]