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Medical Cannabis Research News – part 4

[responsivevoice_button]` This is another part of Medical Cannabis News, which is dedicated to a research on colon cancer and mechanism of tumor inhibition by THC. Colon cancer research International teams of Italian and British researchers have studied the effect of standardized Cannabis Sativa extract on colon carcinogenesis. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer […]

Medical cannabis research news – part 3

  Can medical cannabis reduce opioid abuse? Research published on 25th of August 2014 shows correlation between states where medical cannabis is legal and opioid abuse rates. Researchers discovered that before 2010 in states, where medical cannabis is legal, there was 24,8% reduction of opioid related overdoses. The study includes data from 1999 until 2010. […]

Medical cannabis research news – Part 2

This is the second part of my update of bite size news on scientific research on cannabis. Hope you will find it interesting.   Cannabis and Schizophrenia Researchers from the University of Cologne, Germany have run clinical trial with 39 participants who were treated for schizophrenia and were hospitalized with psychotic episode. Half of the […]

Medical cannabis research news

I came across some articles about medical cannabis and decided to write a short summery because it is quite challenging to find scientific data due to restrictions on cannabis research. This is a bite size review on some research data. Medical cannabis in treating epilepsy The article is discussing an interesting case about child from […]

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