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Strain review by Rookie: Citrus Noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: Rookie Medium: Fox Farms Ocean Floor Nutrients: Fox Farms Grow Big and Big Bloom Lights type and schedule (indoor): (4) 50watt COB LED Days from Seed: 65 Dry Yield (grams): 38 grams / 46 grams Growth Comments: This was a beautiful plant to watch grow. It was also surprisingly easy. […]

Strain review by HashMaster: Goldstone

Strain: GoldStone Grower Name: HashMaster Medium: Recycled peat Nutrients: AN Lights type and schedule (indoor): 18/6 Digital Dimmable HID Days from Seed: 90 Harvest Points: Start sampling around day 60 and take when you like. Dry Yield (grams): 307.8 Growth Comments: Simple and problem free start to finish. Comments on smell (during growth, harvest, etc.): […]

Strain review by Gatorbackbob: Citrus Noir

citrus noir

Strain: Citrus Noir Grower Name: Gatorbackbob Medium: Roots organics original Nutrients: Mephisto super soil amendment, bonemeal tea Lights type and schedule (indoor): 80w cob 20/4 Days from Seed: 70 Harvest Points: Harvested at day 70 Dry Yield (grams): 22 Growth Comments: Citrus Noir is a very fast growing, hungry, large strain, long branches, and pretty […]

Strain review by Dazed: Fairy Breath V2

Strain: Fairy Breath V2 Grower Name: Dazed Medium: Soil Nutrients: soil mix Lights type and schedule (indoor): Cob 3500k, 18/0 – 12/12 Days from Seed: 80+ Dry Yield (grams): 86g Growth Comments: Vigorous, handled topping, supercropping well. Medium trim, some leaf but not crazy. Comments on smell (during growth, harvest, etc.): Growth, dank fuel, very fruity notes, […]

Strain review by HashMaster: Black Fairy

Strain: Black Fairy Grower Name: HashMaster Medium: Inert Peat Nutrients: AN Lights type and schedule: 18/6 Digital Dimmable HID Days from Seed: 95 Harvest Points: I took her long looking for medicinal properties and I was rewarded. She could have been taken anytime after 60 days and still been a good strong stone. Dry Yield […]

Strain review by 912GreenSkell: Nashira

Strain: Nashira Grower Name: 912GreenSkell Outdoor Medium: Promix to start then in the ground natural sand/loam base Nutrients: 1/4 cup of lime, 1 shovel full horse manure, Green PLante Bloom Fuel, Green PLanet procal, Green PLanet Massive, Green PLanet Terpinator, Green PLanet Liquid W-8 Lights type and schedule (indoor): 20 days under 100X3w leds. 24 hour […]

Strain review by Frankthetank: Nashira

Strain: Nashira Grower Name: Frankthetank Medium: Coast of Maine Barharbor Blend soil Nutrients: General Organics GO Box Lights type and schedule (indoor): Mars Hydro 1200 24/0 Days from Seed: 72 Harvest Points: I harvested the whole plant when all trichomes were cloudy, with zero amber. Dry Yield (grams): 70 grams Growth Comments: Nashira was a […]

Strain review by FullyAutomatic: Ruby

Strain: Ruby Grower Name: FullyAutomatic Medium: Tropic Batmix Nutrients: Canna a+b and Growers Ark Root Tonic Hours direct sunlight (outdoor): Between 10 and 5 (British Summer) Days from Seed: 60 Harvest Points: Harvested at 60 days due to Rot setting in on the main cola. Sample taken at day 50 (trichs 90% cloudy by that […]

Strain review by Musturd: Black Topaz

Strain: Black Topaz Grower Name: Musturd Medium: Roots OG amended with Roots Elemental and local Worm CastingsRoots Nutrients: Roots Ancient Amber, Sea Grow AP and Bloom, Botanicare Cal-Mag Lights type and schedule (indoor): Started under 40w CFL, finished with 600 hps. 18-6 Days from Seed: 70 days Harvest Points: 58 cm tall, Trichs were full […]

Strain review by Iamlegend2121: Sunstone

Strain: Sunstone Grower Name: Legend Medium: Soil Nutrients: none Lights type and schedule (indoor): 20/4 Area-51 LEDs Days from Seed: 65-70 days Harvest Points: No select harvest points chopped them both down when I felt that they were ready. The first one came down around 62-64 days old and the second one came down between […]

Strain review by Radagast The Oz: Black Stone

Strain: Black Stone  Grower Name: Radagast the Oz Medium: DWC Hydro Nutrients: Advanced nutrients Lights type and schedule: 660hps/120rd led/25w tbar led. Days from Seed: 90+ Dry Yield (grams): 112 -150 ( x2 harvest) Growth Comments: I would say she was very very well behaved I saw no signs of deficiency’s or lockouts. I ran […]

Stunted Goes Full Retard!

Greetings Humans, Aliens, Lizard people and the “Greys” So it has been a long time since I have done a blog post, health has been bad for a while now with me and “Cowbeast” both having to doctor every week…..oh and frying my laptop was a huge setback, laptops hate bong juice. I have lost […]

Strain review by Tony: Rainbow Stone

Strain: Rainbow Stone Grower Name: Tony Medium: Ffhf Nutrients: Fox farm trio cal mag Lights type and schedule (indoor): Mars hydro reflector and cfl Days from Seed: 63 and 70 Harvest Points: 63 trichs were clear/cloudy 70 all cloudy Dry Yield (grams): 24 Growth Comments: Very small compact plant maybe just the two I grew […]

Strain review by HashMaster: Stone Dragon

Strain: Stone Dragon Grower Name: HashMaster Medium: Inert Peat Nutrients: AN Sensi Bloom A&B Lights type and schedule (indoor): Digital Dimmable HID 18/6 Days from Seed: Took plants at 70, 80, 90, and 105 days Harvest Points: One of the great things about Stone’s gear is you can get entirely different medicinal effects depending on […]

Strain review by Radagast the Oz: Fairy Frost

Strain: Fairy Frost Grower Name: Radagast the Oz Medium: Hydro, DWC. Nutrients: Advanced nutrients Lights type and schedule (indoor): HPS 660 watt 18/6 Days from Seed: 60 Harvest Points: Great yielders, however mine where small due to early veg issues. I was still able to get a very nice little personal yield for myself of […]

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