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Rainbow Moonstone HARVEST

Hey Hey my friends!! The time has come for my harvest update. Its been 9 weeks since this girl broke surface and declared Day 1, and it has been a hell of a ride! I’ve done a ton of careless mistakes throughout the grow but I am still learning and dialling in my grow space […]

Cannabis chronicles: Cannabis in North America

[responsivevoice_button]` In Chris Bennett’s book Green Gold:  Marijuana in Magic and Religion he says, “there is some very good physical evidence that indicates cannabis played a part in some of the native cultures prior to the arrival of Columbus.”  In 1985, Bill Fitzgerald discovered resin scrapings of 500-year-old pipes in Morriston, Ontario containing “traces of […]

Cannabis chronicles: France in 19th century

[responsivevoice_button]` In 1840s Dr Jacques Moreau used cannabis to treat mental illness. The sources suggested that he probably used cannabis himself during his travelling in the Arab countries in his youth. And Dr Moreau was not the only one familiar with cannabis because it was brought to France by Napoleon’s solders after returning from the […]

Cannabis chronicles: Europe after 500 AD

[responsivevoice_button]` Hemp was used to manufacture ropes and riggings for sailing. Also cannabis was recognised for its analgesic properties, for treating gastrointestinal disorders, oedema and a plaster for boils in the twelfth century. In the middle ages cannabis, opium and alcohol were some of the less well known ingredients used in witch cult and they […]

Cannabis chronicles: South America

[responsivevoice_button]` It was generally accepted that hemp was introduced to Chile by the Spanish during their conquest of 1545 onwards. It was also known that cannabis use was boosted by the arrival of African slaves in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. But latest research of German archeologists identified cannabinoids in various tissues from seventy-two Peruvian […]

Cannabis chronicles: Ancient India

[responsivevoice_button]` The earliest record of cannabis in Indian literature is dated as early as 2000 BC – “bhang”, however it is not clear if it is direct reference of cannabis or another sacred plant. According to written sources the plant was known in India at least from 1000 BC. It is recommended for treatment of […]

Cannabis chronicles: Persia and Arabia

[responsivevoice_button]` The term “hashish” comes from Arabian phrase “hashish al kief”, which means, “dried herb of pleasure”. In the ancient Arabic drug formulary, Makhsanul aldawaiya, cannabis is described as “a cordial, a bile absorber, and an appetizer, and its moderate use prolongs life. It quickens the fancy, deepens thought and sharpens judgment.” In the Herbarium […]

Cannabis chronicles: Ancient Greece and Rome

[responsivevoice_button]` Since none of the ancient Greek and Roman writers have described intoxicating effects of cannabis this leads to conclusion that they were either unaware of them or chose not to use cannabis for intoxication. As a contrast alcohol intoxication was described by many authors, which led some researchers to suggest that cannabis intoxication was […]

Cannabis chronicles: Prehistoric Europe and Scythia

[responsivevoice_button]` Hemp seeds associated with Neolithic habitants were found in Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Rumania. “Polypod” bowls, dated early third millennium, were found in Eastern Europe and there were speculations that they were used to burn cannabis for intoxication. Earliest polypod bowls were found in the east suggesting east-west migration of this culture. Hemp seeds […]

Cannabis chronicles: Judea

[responsivevoice_button]` There are documented evidences that Assyrians have used cannabis for variety of medical purposes. It was administrated orally for the treatment of impotence and depression, topically for bruises and by inhalation for a disease assumed to be arthritis. Cannabis was also used to ward off evil. Because of the geographical proximity between Assyrian and […]

Cannabis chronicles: Ancient Egypt

[responsivevoice_button]` Majority of the Egyptologists agree that medical cannabis was used in Ancient Egypt, however the big challenge remains – lots of medicines described in ancient papyruses cannot be easily identified. Nowadays it is generally accepted that the hieroglyph symbol pronounced as “shemshemet” means cannabis. [1,2,3] The oldest original document that mentions cannabis is Ebers […]

Cannabis chronicles: Ancient China

[responsivevoice_button]` Cannabis has been known to ancient Chinese and other inhabitants of Central Asia centuries before it came to the attention of other civilisations. According to some sources cannabis was used for medical purposes for the first time during the legendary emperor Shen Nung during the 3rd millennium BC. [1,3] Emperor Shen Nung is famous […]

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