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Cannabis development – part I

[responsivevoice_button] This part of cannabis research is dedicated to cannabis development and the effect of microelements as N, Cu, K, and P. What is the effect of copper on cannabis roots? A research team from Italy has investigated the effect of cooper on cannabis root development. They have used 150 ppm CuSO4. Copper is an […]

Cannabis as pesticide

This is a short overview of one not very popular cannabis application – as repellent and pesticide. Cannabis has been planted as a companion crop to deter insects, nematodes, fungi and weedy plants. Interestingly dried leaves and flowers, plant extracts and pure cannabinoids are known to repel and kill insects, mites, nematode, fungi and weeds. […]

Autoflowering Cannabis in the Forest Garden

Introduction We are in an increasing need to figure out a sustainable future. The population is creating a greater demand on  resources.  And they are running low… or at least definitely getting more expensive! A time for action We are realising the stupidity of import/export of food and necessities when resources are available close to home. […]

Cannabis museums tour

Let’s start our journey through cannabis museums from Europe, and more specifically Berlin, Germany, where is located the Hemp Museum. Hanf Museum, as it is called in German, is exclusively devoted to the agricultural, manufacturing and industrial as well as legal aspects of the use of hemp. The aim of the exhibition is to do […]

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