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Strain review by Frankthetank: Black Ruby

Strain: Black Ruby Grower Name: Frank the Tank Medium: Soil Nutrients: General Organics “Go Box”, The Guano Company Budswell, Molases Lights type and schedule (indoor): Started under Mars Hydro 1200W Led, Finished under Auto cobs, 24/0 Days from Seed: 86 Harvest Points: Took tops at day 76, took the lowers ten days later and day […]

Strain review by Frank the Tank: Ruby

Strain: Ruby Grower Name: Frank the Tank Medium: Coast of Maine Bar Harbor Blend Nutrients: General Organics GO Box Lights type and schedule (indoor): Mars II 1200 24/0 Days from Seed: 74 Harvest Points: I harvested Ruby when she was cloudy with just a little bit of amber. If anything, next time I’ll let her […]

Strain review by Dazed: Fairy Breath V2

Strain: Fairy Breath V2 Grower Name: Dazed Medium: Soil Nutrients: soil mix Lights type and schedule (indoor): Cob 3500k,¬†18/0 – 12/12 Days from Seed: 80+ Dry Yield (grams): 86g Growth Comments: Vigorous, handled topping, supercropping well.¬†Medium trim, some leaf but not crazy. Comments on smell (during growth, harvest, etc.): Growth, dank fuel, very fruity notes, […]

Strain review by Frankthetank: Nashira

Strain: Nashira Grower Name: Frankthetank Medium: Coast of Maine Barharbor Blend soil Nutrients: General Organics GO Box Lights type and schedule (indoor): Mars Hydro 1200 24/0 Days from Seed: 72 Harvest Points: I harvested the whole plant when all trichomes were cloudy, with zero amber. Dry Yield (grams): 70 grams Growth Comments: Nashira was a […]

Strain review by Iamlegend2121: Sunstone

Strain: Sunstone Grower Name: Legend Medium: Soil Nutrients: none Lights type and schedule (indoor): 20/4 Area-51 LEDs Days from Seed: 65-70 days Harvest Points: No select harvest points chopped them both down when I felt that they were ready. The first one came down around 62-64 days old and the second one came down between […]

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