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Strain Review by Embra: Black Stone

Strain: Black Stone Grower Name: Embra Breeder: Stone Medium: TLO Nutrients: after 5 weeks, Grow and bloom Oldtimer range, added mollases, Nutes @ 4ml per litre Lights type and schedule: First 2 weeks, HS1 LED, weeks 3-8 315w CMH, Schedule: 24/0 first week, then 18/6 Days from Seed: 57 Harvest Points: Day 57, due to overcrowding […]

Strain Review by Whitey: Black Stone

Strain Review: Black StoneGrower Name: WhiteyBreeder: StoneIndoor Medium: generic multi purpose compost and kelp powder 10L airpotNutrients: AN Sensi Bloom, b52, voodoo, factor x, overdrive, calmag, big budLights type and schedule: T5 envirogrow 96w first 4 weeks then Grownorthern HS-1, 18/6Days from Seed: 74Dry Yield (grams): 20ish… didn’t weighGrowth Comments: So so tiny!  Not grown such a […]

Interview: Growing Autoflowers in DWC with Cocha

It is a great pleasure to speak to our friend, Cocha, who decided to share with us something about himself and to reveal some tips and tricks about growing autoflowers in hydro (DWC). You already expect this question so I won’t disappoint you :Happy:  How did you come across cannabis and when did you start growing? […]

Stone99 under GN Holographic series 1 – 42-52 days

Stone99 under GN Holographic series 1 – 42-52 days Indoor: 180 x 100 x 50 Medium: Canna coco 70%, Perlite  30% Pot: 6 litter airpot Kind of training: Leaf tucking till day 33 then fan leaves removed Age of the plant: 42-52 days Height of the plant: 65 cm Temperature: 17-22*C Relative humidity: 65-75 % Lights type and schedule: GN Holographic series 1 on […]

N.W’s Collection by Cocha

N.W’s Collection by Cocha Hey all. Sorry for the lack of updates, I wanted to know these new girls where doing ok before posting and it’s still kinda touch and go but they may well turn out great so here we go. In the tent are 7 of N. W’s SourD and SourD Mango – […]

Cocha’s Garden: SourD and SourD Mango Day 59

Cocha’s Garden: SourD and SourD Mango Morning folks These girls are seeded and 59 days old now (wow that went fast). They were hit with pollen a week or so ago and seem very happy about it. The plan was just the Mango’s get the pollen but I live in a small place & looks like […]

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