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Cannabis chronicles: Ancient Greece and Rome

[responsivevoice_button]` Since none of the ancient Greek and Roman writers have described intoxicating effects of cannabis this leads to conclusion that they were either unaware of them or chose not to use cannabis for intoxication. As a contrast alcohol intoxication was described by many authors, which led some researchers to suggest that cannabis intoxication was […]

Mega Micro Madness Mayhem

Greetings planet folk, Well my Mega Micro Madness grow has not really gone to plan, it’s more like Mega Micro Madness Mayhem, it’s hard to grow good when one has a care factor of zero lol. I am very disappointed in my lack of effort and will be spanking myself for it, I have now […]

Cannabis chronicles: Prehistoric Europe and Scythia

[responsivevoice_button]` Hemp seeds associated with Neolithic habitants were found in Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Rumania. “Polypod” bowls, dated early third millennium, were found in Eastern Europe and there were speculations that they were used to burn cannabis for intoxication. Earliest polypod bowls were found in the east suggesting east-west migration of this culture. Hemp seeds […]

Cannabis chronicles: Judea

[responsivevoice_button]` There are documented evidences that Assyrians have used cannabis for variety of medical purposes. It was administrated orally for the treatment of impotence and depression, topically for bruises and by inhalation for a disease assumed to be arthritis. Cannabis was also used to ward off evil. Because of the geographical proximity between Assyrian and […]

The Micro Madness Continues!

Greetings Everybody, So the micro grow is still going, some go strong others not so strong… many plants have been reminded of the grow rules that I always grow by. One thing that gets plants terminated fast is ballage, male plants are great when you want to make beans but other than that they are […]

Cannabis chronicles: Ancient Egypt

[responsivevoice_button]` Majority of the Egyptologists agree that medical cannabis was used in Ancient Egypt, however the big challenge remains – lots of medicines described in ancient papyruses cannot be easily identified. Nowadays it is generally accepted that the hieroglyph symbol pronounced as “shemshemet” means cannabis. [1,2,3] The oldest original document that mentions cannabis is Ebers […]

Mega Micro Madness Continues!

Greetings fellow Earth dwellers, The madness continues… with watering taking up a shot ton of my time every day! I am slowly bringing them all back to a healthy state but it is taking a bit longer than I like, I am thinking of flooding twice a day until I like how they look. As […]

Cannabis chronicles: Ancient China

[responsivevoice_button]` Cannabis has been known to ancient Chinese and other inhabitants of Central Asia centuries before it came to the attention of other civilisations. According to some sources cannabis was used for medical purposes for the first time during the legendary emperor Shen Nung during the 3rd millennium BC. [1,3] Emperor Shen Nung is famous […]

Interview: Growing Autoflowers in DWC with Cocha

It is a great pleasure to speak to our friend, Cocha, who decided to share with us something about himself and to reveal some tips and tricks about growing autoflowers in hydro (DWC). You already expect this question so I won’t disappoint you :Happy:  How did you come across cannabis and when did you start growing? […]

SourD Mango 48 days

SourD Mango Indoor: 4 x 4 x 7 tent Medium: Roots Organic Soil amended with Roots Elemental and worm castings Pot (size/type): 3 Gallon tiered in a 20 oz cup Age: 48 Days Size: 72 cm Temperature: 70-92 F Relative Humidity: 30-40% Lights type and schedule: Close to 3 x 40 watt 6500k CFL, under […]

Cannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acids production

This research is dedicated to cannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acids production. What causes the “cannabis smell”? Cannabis plant has a specific smell and it is not results of the cannabinoids but monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. For example, police dogs cannot smell THC but they can smell the sesquiterpene caryophyllene oxide. A smell comparison between 19 strains […]

SourD Mango Grow Off – Day 70 to 80

N.W 72 days Strain: SourD Mango Indoor: 80x80x160 tent Medium (hydro/soil/coco): Soil Pot (size/type): 10L Kind of training (if any): None Age of the plant (days or weeks): 72 days Height of the plant: 16″ Temperature: 24c-28c Relative humidity: 25-35% Lights type and schedule (for indoor): 400w HPS @20/4 Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: Plain pH’d water Growth (short notes and comments about the plant): I scoped this young […]

Amnesia Stone 80 days

High! Amnesia Stone 80 days Medium: NovArbo Pot (size/type): 10 L airpots Age of the plants: 80 days Height of the plant: 1 is 72 cm tall and the other one is 60 cm tall, slightly more… Temperature: 28 C Relative humidity: 35% Lights type and schedule: 18/06 Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: In darkness for 3-5 […]

THC synthesis and factors that affect synthesis

This research is dedicated to differences between cannabis plants producing THC and hemp plants, and factors that affect THC synthesis. What is the difference between cannabis plants that produce THC and plants that do not produce THC? Cannabis plants could produce more than 100 cannabinoids, which are mainly accumulated in female flowers (“buds”). The main […]

Sour Mango Grow Off – Day 50 to 65

N.W 14 Feb 2015 Title: SourD Mango Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor, 80x80x160 tent Medium (hydro/soil/coco): DIY Store soil added perlite. Pot (size/type): 10L Airpot Kind of training (if any): None Age of the plant (days or weeks): Day 54 Height of the plant: 18″ Temperature: 22c-24c Relative humidity: 45% Lights type and schedule (for indoor): 400w HPS @ 20/4 Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: Hesi Bloom, Addertives, Canna, Rhizotonic, […]

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