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Twisted Sister!

Greetings once again Portal people, So the Sister Discipline (Bred by Rebel) grow is no more, I was lucky to get some of them to finish! This is one that I thought was not going to finish… she needed constant attention and trimming to keep the shape happening correctly. I was surprised she turned out […]

Pollen collection, drying and storing

Greetings friends. I would like to show you how I harvest my pollen. The males that are being used for this guide are a Night Terror OG (left), and a Long Peak Blues (right). It is important to note that mature pollen is a nice yellow color. White or creamy looking pollen is immature. I […]

Mega Micro Madness November Part 2:The chop

[responsivevoice_button] Mega Micro Madness, November Part 2, The chop Greetings Portal Peeps, 19th November 2015 Today is the day that most will die, the heat and humidity is off the charts and I cannot risk having moldy buds! 29 Amnesia Stone (Breeder:Stone) need to be chopped, lucky I have spent some time preparing for this […]

Breeder Interview: Kaos Kreationz

We would like to welcome to Autoflower Portal Kaos – Medical Cannabis breeder and founder of Kaos Kreationz. It was a pleasure to speak with Kaos about his breeding plans and projects.  How did you come across cannabis? Kaos: I grew up with cannabis around me constantly. It was as normal to me as tobacco. My […]

The Green Cracks Week 6

Well it’s time to see how the Green Crack strains are doing lately. First up is the 2 Green Crack x SourD in one pot, both now around 6 weeks into flower and starting the push towards the finish. Next is the Green Crack plant – she’s around 5 weeks into flower and looking very […]

N.W Sour Lemon Day 96

Sour Lemon Indoor: 80x80x160 tent Medium: Soil Pot (size/type): 18L Kind of training (if any): Staked and tied to prevent further collapsing. Age of the plant (days or weeks): 96 days Height of the plant: 28” 71 cm Temperature: 26 – 28 C Relative humidity: 35 – 40% Lights type and schedule (for indoor): 400w @ 20/4 Nutrients and feeding/watering schedule: Been on plain […]

The Green Cracks Week 3-4

Time for a progress report on the Green Crack family. Firstly are the 2 Green Crack x SourD sharing a 16L pot. Now on around  4 weeks into flower and looking good if i do say so. Fillin and frosting. Pic Time. Sorry they look a little droopy was due watering which i did after […]

Cannabis breeding and cannabinoid selection method

Cannabis breeding and cannabinoid selection method Plant breeding challenges – main hypothesis “Inbreeding depression” is a hypothesis for some issues, which occur during inbreeding. According to this hypothesis when the hybrids are selected for their recessive traits and inbred, they are likely to lose their vigour, develop defective flowers or seeds, lack chlorophyll, etc. Such […]

N.W: The Green Cracks

N.W: The Green Cracks Another week done in the Green crack tent. Lots going on and I will break it the update and explain. Firstly we have the Cross: Green Crack x SourD because these are Semi-auto they have been in flower around a week or so more the the Photo Green Crack. So I […]

Green Crack Automated: Update

Green Crack Automated: Update Been a while since I showed nay progress on this project… Things have moved along slowly in the past couple of months. Time for a little recap. The cross is Green Crack (photo) x SourD. I have to date germinated over 60 seeds with No auto traits showing in F1 the […]

N.W : Sour Lemon Day 60

Sour Lemon Indoor/Outdoor Indoor 80 x 80 x 160 cm Tent Medium (hydro/soil/coco) DIY store soil Pot (size/type): 18 L Kind of training (if any): None Age of the plant (days or weeks): 60 days old, but looks more like early 40’s. Been slowed a little by the cold. Height of the plant: 27″ – 68cm Temperature: 20-24 C/ Lights […]

N.W: Sour Lemon Day 47

Sour Lemon Update Title: Sour Lemon Indoor/Outdoor Indoor 80 x 80 x 160cm Tent Medium (hydro/soil/coco) DIY store soil Pot (size/type): 18L Kind of training (if any): None Age of the plant (days or weeks): 47 days old, but looks more like early 30’s. Been slowed a little by the cold. Height of the plant: 27″ – 68cm Temperature: 20c-24c […]

N.W: Sour Lemon Day 41

Sour Lemon test grow Title: Sour Lemon Indoor/Outdoor 80cm x 80cm x 160cm Tent Medium (hydro/soil/coco) DIY store soil with added Perlite Pot (size/type): 18L Kind of training (if any): None Age of the plant (days or weeks): 41 Days Height of the plant: 22″ Temperature: 22-24c Relative humidity: 35% Lights type and schedule (for indoor): 400w HPS @ 20/4 Nutrients and […]

N.W: Autoworld

Hey Folks. Bringing you all something older and newer in this update. Let’s start with something older My Sour Mango. This young lady is 50 days old now and smelling wonderful. Next to something New: This young lady is one of my very latest creations and is know for the moment as M1. Day 72 […]

Green Crack Automated Project

Green Crack Automated Poor GC Clones are not have the best of times lately. Little catch up required. Ok Green Crack pheno I have been running for a while now is a fast finishing photoperiod, flowering is finished under in 60 days, from that period the plant begins to shut down (die). Stems get limp, […]

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