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Strain review by Frank the Tank: Bluestone

Strain: Bluestone  Grower Name: Frank the Tank Indoor Medium: HP Promix, 5 gallon pot Nutrients: Greenleaf Nutrients Megacrop, Calmag Pro, Bud Explosion Lights type and schedule (indoor): 5 Autocobs 24/0 Days from Seed: 71 Harvest Points: I harvested the entire plant on day 71 with cloudy trichomes,  with 5% amber. Dry Yield (grams): 105 Growth […]

Strain review by Mr. StrongCloud: Bluestone

Strain: Bluestone   Grower Name: Mr StrongCloud Indoor Medium: Fox Farms Happy Frog / Ocean Blend / 50-50 mix Nutrients: Build-a-Soil Craft Blend (All Organic) Lights type and schedule (indoor): Vivosun 1000w HPS Lamp & 5,500k CFL lamps for the first 2 Days from Seed: Plant#1 – 67 Plant #2 – 77 days Harvest Points: […]

Stunted Goes Full Retard!

Greetings Humans, Aliens, Lizard people and the “Greys” So it has been a long time since I have done a blog post, health has been bad for a while now with me and “Cowbeast” both having to doctor every week…..oh and frying my laptop was a huge setback, laptops hate bong juice. I have lost […]

Strain Review by Stick: Bluestone

Strain: Bluestone Grower Name: Stick Breeder: Stone Indoor Medium: Soil (Pro-Mix) Nutrients: Fox Farms Lights type and schedule: T5HO 18/6 Days from Seed: 75 Dry Yield (grams): N/A.  Very pleased with the yield considering the growing environment. Growth Comments: I grew 6 Bluestones along with 2 Amnesia Stones under 4′ 4 bulb T5HOs. These grew themselves. […]

Autoflower Portal Strains Catalog 2015

My dear friends, today we entered our second year. It’s been a year of our work here and now the time for Autoflower Portal Strains Catalog has come. Catalog with feedback from all of you – friends, testers, med users, customers and stoners  :Happy-Grin:  Priceless feedback.    Feel free to share it. And of course Autoflower […]

Bluestone Done

Bluestone Done Howdy Canna Friends, Figured out this DNS server crap and now it’s ketchup again. I hate ketchup. This big Bluestone in a little pot fell at 78 days, 82 grams. Early samples very tasty sweet fruity, strong all rounder 60-40 (day-nite) Stay tuned

Bluestone Day 47

Bluestone Indoor: 4 x 4 x 7 tent Medium: Roots Organic Soil amended with Roots Elemental and worm castings Pot (size/type): 1 Gallon tiered in a 20oz cup Age: 47 Days Size: 89cm Temperature: 70-84 F Relative Humidity: 30% Lights type and schedule: Close to 3 x 40 watt 6500k CFL, under a 600 watt […]

Strain review by Cocha: Bluestone

BLUESTONE STRAIN REVIEW  Grower’s name: Cocha Strain: Bluestone Breeder: Stone Indoor Medium: 6L Airpot & coco, soil mix Nutrients: Ionic range with Canna additives Lights (indoor): 2x GN-MS0006 – 20/4 From Seed: days 80 ish Harvest Points: 80 cloudy & 20 clear trichs Dry Yield: grams 10-14 ish Bluestone Growth: Was just about ready, maybe another week […]

Strain Review by Medi: Bluestone

STRAIN REVIEW: BLUESTONE Grower’s name: Medi Strain: Bluestone Breeder: Stone Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Medium: True Living Organics recipe Nutrients: Actively Aerated Compost Teas Lights (indoor): Mars Hydro From Seed: 90 days Harvest Points: Mostly cloudy with some amber. Dry Yield: 24 grams The Growth: Growth was vigorous with a larger terminal cola and moderate branching. The Smell: This was a very pungent forest berry bouquet throughout the grow […]

Unholyfire’s Garden Update Day 40

Garden Update Hi friends. Forgive for any blurred photos. My hands have been a little shaky. I’ve changed soil this grow. I was using Fox Farm Ocean Forest. This grow was going to be grown in the Sunshine mix #4 but the store was out. I headed for the FFOF but spotted a stack of […]

Cocha’s Garden: Bluestone and Amnesia Stone Day 70-77

Cocha’s Garden: Bluestone and Amnesia Stone Hey all. Reached the end of this test almost – was planning another little run of these but that has not worked out but will get into that in a min. So I chopped the 1st Amnesia Stone about 10 days ago @ day 70 ish & am smoking […]

Medi’s Bluestone Grow: Day 70

Bluestone Medium: True Living Organics soil composted for 90+ days. Pot: Small Misco then transplanted to 3 gal nursery pot once sexed. Training: Minimal LST to increase light penetration. Age: 70 days Height: 21 inches Temperature: 78°-81° Fahrenheit Relative Humidity: 40-50% Lights: TopLED Reflector 96 X 3w ~180 watts actual(meter tested) @ 18/6 Nutrients and […]

Strain Review by waira: Bluestone

STRAIN REVIEW: BLUESTONE   Grower’s name: Waira   Strain: Bluestone (2 phenos, both auto’ed)    Breeder: Stone   Indoor/Outdoor:  both   Medium: FoxFarms OF/HF even blend for starting; transplant soil – Emerald Triangle Recipe 420… 2 plants per 5 gal smart pot.   Nutrients:  Sea Grow mostly, Grow and Bloom; Ca-Mg; Si supp’ ProTekt; Big Bloom: occasional hits with microbe […]

Cocha’s Garden: Bluestone and Amnesia Stone Day 64

Cocha’s Garden: Bluestone and Amnesia Stone Hello my friends. We are very close to the end for these girls now. Last week they got the whole range of bloom boosters etc. and fattened up noticeably :Approve: In hind site I would have hit them sooner & brought the EC down gradually but Hey-ho! So I […]

Cocha’s Garden: Bluestone and Amnesia Stone Day 43-58

Bluestone - Day 60

Cocha’s Garden: Bluestone, Amnesia Stone Hey all. Quick update on Bluestone and Amnesia Stone here on day 58. ESD Kush on day 43. I think & getting full dose of everything this week. Will get a half feed next week then flush. I will prob chop 1 of the Amnesias early & let 1 go […]

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