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Strain review by Frank the Tank: Bluestone

Strain: Bluestone  Grower Name: Frank the Tank Indoor Medium: HP Promix, 5 gallon pot Nutrients: Greenleaf Nutrients Megacrop, Calmag Pro, Bud Explosion Lights type and schedule (indoor): 5 Autocobs 24/0 Days from Seed: 71 Harvest Points: I harvested the entire plant on day 71 with cloudy trichomes,  with 5% amber. Dry Yield (grams): 105 Growth […]

Strain review by Mr. StrongCloud: Bluestone

Strain: Bluestone   Grower Name: Mr StrongCloud Indoor Medium: Fox Farms Happy Frog / Ocean Blend / 50-50 mix Nutrients: Build-a-Soil Craft Blend (All Organic) Lights type and schedule (indoor): Vivosun 1000w HPS Lamp & 5,500k CFL lamps for the first 2 Days from Seed: Plant#1 – 67 Plant #2 – 77 days Harvest Points: […]

Stunted Goes Full Retard!

Greetings Humans, Aliens, Lizard people and the “Greys” So it has been a long time since I have done a blog post, health has been bad for a while now with me and “Cowbeast” both having to doctor every week…..oh and frying my laptop was a huge setback, laptops hate bong juice. I have lost […]

Autoflower Portal 420

PORTAL 420  Starts 18 April 14:30 pm – ends 22 April 14:30 pm UK time.  Hey, my friends. It’s that time of the year again when everyone is looking for good 420 deals to save on seeds in a long term. Look no more and stop here to find the best deal. This years Autoflower Portal […]

Strain Review by Stick: Bluestone

Strain: Bluestone Grower Name: Stick Breeder: Stone Indoor Medium: Soil (Pro-Mix) Nutrients: Fox Farms Lights type and schedule: T5HO 18/6 Days from Seed: 75 Dry Yield (grams): N/A.  Very pleased with the yield considering the growing environment. Growth Comments: I grew 6 Bluestones along with 2 Amnesia Stones under 4′ 4 bulb T5HOs. These grew themselves. […]

Autoflower Portal Strains Catalog 2015

My dear friends, today we entered our second year. It’s been a year of our work here and now the time for Autoflower Portal Strains Catalog has come. Catalog with feedback from all of you – friends, testers, med users, customers and stoners  :Happy-Grin:  Priceless feedback.    Feel free to share it. And of course Autoflower […]

Bluestone Done

Bluestone Done Howdy Canna Friends, Figured out this DNS server crap and now it’s ketchup again. I hate ketchup. This big Bluestone in a little pot fell at 78 days, 82 grams. Early samples very tasty sweet fruity, strong all rounder 60-40 (day-nite) Stay tuned

Bluestone Day 47

Bluestone Indoor: 4 x 4 x 7 tent Medium: Roots Organic Soil amended with Roots Elemental and worm castings Pot (size/type): 1 Gallon tiered in a 20oz cup Age: 47 Days Size: 89cm Temperature: 70-84 F Relative Humidity: 30% Lights type and schedule: Close to 3 x 40 watt 6500k CFL, under a 600 watt […]

Stone’s Collection: Bluestone Day 79

Stone’s Collection: Bluestone  Hey my friends, Finally some time to share a test grow of another gemstone of my collection – Bluestone. MEDIUM: Canna Coco POT: 11 Litter square pot KIND OF TRAINING: None AGE:  Harvested at 79 days from seed (started 29 September – harvested 17 December 2014) HEIGHT: 90 cm TEMP: 20-25 C HUMIDITY: 65-80 % LIGHTS AND […]

Strain review by Cocha: Bluestone

BLUESTONE STRAIN REVIEW  Grower’s name: Cocha Strain: Bluestone Breeder: Stone Indoor Medium: 6L Airpot & coco, soil mix Nutrients: Ionic range with Canna additives Lights (indoor): 2x GN-MS0006 – 20/4 From Seed: days 80 ish Harvest Points: 80 cloudy & 20 clear trichs Dry Yield: grams 10-14 ish Bluestone Growth: Was just about ready, maybe another week […]

Strain Review by Medi: Bluestone

STRAIN REVIEW: BLUESTONE Grower’s name: Medi Strain: Bluestone Breeder: Stone Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Medium: True Living Organics recipe Nutrients: Actively Aerated Compost Teas Lights (indoor): Mars Hydro From Seed: 90 days Harvest Points: Mostly cloudy with some amber. Dry Yield: 24 grams The Growth: Growth was vigorous with a larger terminal cola and moderate branching. The Smell: This was a very pungent forest berry bouquet throughout the grow […]

Unholyfire’s Garden Update Day 40

Garden Update Hi friends. Forgive for any blurred photos. My hands have been a little shaky. I’ve changed soil this grow. I was using Fox Farm Ocean Forest. This grow was going to be grown in the Sunshine mix #4 but the store was out. I headed for the FFOF but spotted a stack of […]

Cocha’s Garden: Bluestone and Amnesia Stone Day 70-77

Cocha’s Garden: Bluestone and Amnesia Stone Hey all. Reached the end of this test almost – was planning another little run of these but that has not worked out but will get into that in a min. So I chopped the 1st Amnesia Stone about 10 days ago @ day 70 ish & am smoking […]

Medi’s Bluestone Grow: Day 70

Bluestone Medium: True Living Organics soil composted for 90+ days. Pot: Small Misco then transplanted to 3 gal nursery pot once sexed. Training: Minimal LST to increase light penetration. Age: 70 days Height: 21 inches Temperature: 78°-81° Fahrenheit Relative Humidity: 40-50% Lights: TopLED Reflector 96 X 3w ~180 watts actual(meter tested) @ 18/6 Nutrients and […]

Strain Review by waira: Bluestone

STRAIN REVIEW: BLUESTONE   Grower’s name: Waira   Strain: Bluestone (2 phenos, both auto’ed)    Breeder: Stone   Indoor/Outdoor:  both   Medium: FoxFarms OF/HF even blend for starting; transplant soil – Emerald Triangle Recipe 420… 2 plants per 5 gal smart pot.   Nutrients:  Sea Grow mostly, Grow and Bloom; Ca-Mg; Si supp’ ProTekt; Big Bloom: occasional hits with microbe […]

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